articles for your analysis

You are individually required to prepare a 5 page paper in which you analyze a scholarly article.  Below are some suggested articles for your analysis. You can also select a different article from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal that is quantitative in nature.

Establishing the Boundary Conditions for Female Board Directors’ Influence on Firm Performance through CSRTrust in Government and the American Public’s Responsiveness to Rising InequalityWhy Low Levels of Democracy Promote Corruption and High Levels Diminish ItMigration Fears in the United States and the Geopolitical Risk IndexShe Persisted: Gender, Electoral Loss, and the Decision to Run Again——


Using a briefing style outline to provide a short opening summary that identifies the article name, the author, date, publication and the main research question/ study purpose.

Highlight the research methods from the article that you recognize as quantitative (e.g. numerical data analysis, regression, etc.) and make connections to the concepts covered in the assigned readings and classroom lectures. Conclude with a summative and critical analysis of the research design described in the article. The paper must be formatted APA style. 

Introduction (identify article)

Summary (brief description)

Research Design and Methods (research question and quantitative  methodology)

Critical Analysis (what were the finding and implications)

Conclusion (personal thoughts/interpretations)