Art in the Middle Ages and French Renaissance Period.

Art in the Middle Ages and French Renaissance Period.

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French Renaissance was the cultural and artistic movement in Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries. The time is associated with the improvement of artistic and cultural designs. On the other hand, the middle ages describe the period of the fall of Roman power. Moreover, at the time, artistic displays and cultural designs were ordinary.

Comparison of artistic and cultural evolution of French Renaissance and the middle ages.

The middle ages art and culture comprised of leadership images. For instance, the king’s setting was the main theme that demonstrated royalty (Neal, 28). With the expression of a stable ruling kingdom, the political environment had a strong army that defended the community. Correspondingly, King Arthur defeats the Roman Empire and takes command of the region (Nela, 28). When a new regime takes over, the social and cultural setting is disrupted. Thus, with King Arthur’s entry, there is a battle of faith between Muslims and Christians (Neal, 28). Therefore, the Artistic and cultural traditions in the middle age composed of wars, betrayals, death, and supremacy. Conversely, the French Renaissance period, was introduced by a young king (Neal, 63). As can be expected, a young king adores a life of the lavish cultural setting.

Thus, the artistic and cultural traditions were based on the accomplishment of young kings. Besides, due to the king’s stubborn nature, François was a proud person who never surrenders to his enemies (Neal, 63). Consequently, with such a king in authority, art in the French Renaissance period evolved due to capturing the king’s mood. What is more, the French Kingdom had already grown stronger and created a rift with the Spanish empire (Neal, 63). As a result of the family’s togetherness, the cultural traditions in French Renaissance were different from the middle ages. Supremacy positions were also given to the queen and mothers (Neal, 64). Recognition of women in power is contrary to the middle ages. The Evolving of artistic culture and traditions is witnessed in the French renaissance period by the royal family lineage’s entry into authority, which is a contrast in the middle ages.

Art/architecture/cultural artifact of France Renaissance

The art painting of King François 1 was not only an evolving piece in the art field but an encouragement from the king. For instance, the king encouraged drawing and exploring art at that time. It should be noted that the king was hospitable to matters that were of his benefit. Moreover, the king was interested in art due to his young age. Compared to the middle Ages, the French Renaissance period’s royal authority was nice to the people. Hence, it was a perfect opportunity for the evolution of the art.

What is more, form the king’s portrait; he wanted something that will be of attraction in the palace. The drawing of the king symbolizes the representation of authority and nurturing artistic minds. Correspondingly, leaders in the French Renaissance period were flexible to decisions. Hence, embracing art evolution was an easy task.