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Argumentative Analysis of Sarah Burn’s the Central Park Five

Our law structure is untrustworthy and doubtful. It is revealed by the reality that there are a lot of documented cases of not guilty individuals owning up to serious crimes, for instance, murder and rape. The police use force and oppression to get the confession. The criminal justice system has some problems with it sometimes. The racial issue has been a significant problem in the United States, whereby someone’s skin color can make him or her lack of justice in the trusted law firms (Ahmad, 2020). The film “The Central Park Five” was a documentary movie. This film shows the account of five young men about 15-16 years who were involved in a rape case. Police officers arrested these suspects after a white lady was raped and abandoned for the dead in Central Park in 1989. The court of law did not have adequate proof to charge a Latino American and the five black American men and; though, because of the racial discrimination, the judge accused them as wrongdoers and convicted them to prison for about 9 to 15 years. The directors of the movie comprised Sarah Burns, David Mcmahon, and Ken Burns.

The Central Park Five movie is a documentary by Sarah Burns about five young black American men who were unfairly charged with a crime they did not commit. This documentary centered on displaying how these teenagers got sentenced. After a few months, an individual known as Matias Reyes admitted to the rape defilement, and the lab examination also indicated that his sperm was corresponding. The five young adult boys were set free after the suspect came clean of the crime. Racism was the greatest concern in the 19 and 19th century (Ahmad, 2020). The white individuals always thought that they were at a higher level in society. They treated the blacks punitively. Black people were classified as thieves, robbers, or murders and a lot of people judged them with this category. In addition to that, the government laid down the law of defending all of the colored individuals; nonetheless, even the laws passed, racism still occurs these days.

The documentary Central Park Five by Sarah Burns, Ken Burns, and David McMahon show demonstrate a system breakdown all at once and the most significant issue in our society. In1990 the hearing for the rape of Trisha Meili disclosed how our criminal justice system has some trust issues with them, especially when it comes to cases. The five men accused were African Americans who were guilty until proven guilty. Deviance, Unethical conduct, and crime are foal, fund almost within every profession and career (Koen, 2018). The white society felt entitled to justice, bringing the five teenagers down just because of their skin color and the color of the victim.

It’s now evident that racism played a big role in the forced reflex and confessions supposition of guilt. Still, Burns, whose reportage is storytelling and penetrating, does her augments disservice by making the occasions in such prejudiced terms,. It is seen devoid of saying that this crime has been done in racial categorizing with highlighting on the timeline to fit the wrongdoings to a certain period. At the time I was watching this documentary movie, the first surprising thing that I paid attention to was the truth that initial investigators refused to come into the light. Definitely, if we attempt to get out this, we would hear such phrases as “it is unknown at this time,” “no comments “or” we can’t say anything on the situation as a result of sensitivity of the case.” I can’t believe that the investigators were incompetent. I am sure that they committed the crime themselves. This fact testifies that our law system is unfortunately far from perfect and 

The white society felt entitled to justice, to bring these five teenagers down just because of their skin color. In the end, even after the real rapist came forward, the media, through lack of coverage, through lack of media, proved how far society still had to go (limerick, 2020). To conclude, the five teenage boys deserved good than spending their late teens and 20s in jail for criminality they didn’t do. When all’s said and done, racism should not take place in this contemporary day for the reason that we should accept and appreciate every person the way she is.  


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