Are daily fantasy sports even legal

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Are daily fantasy sports even legal?

Fantasy Sports serve as some of the highly-lucrative and most common forms of illegal gambling in the current world. Specifically, over 57 million Americans participate in fantasy sports. America’s legal system does not provide clear and strong regulations and laws governing the betting industry. For example, a 2006 law which tends to exempt skill-based betting seems to promote the growth of fantasy football. Besides, it is difficult for the Federal and State governments to establish suitable laws for controlling daily fantasy sports because they (fantasy sports) rapidly evolve. Moreover, different states treat fantasy sports differently; some treat it as a gambling product while others do not (Philips, 2015).

Sports gambling in U.S.: Too prevalent to remain illegal?

There is a large black market for sports gambling in America following prohibitions by laws that were established in the early 90s. Accordingly, some leaders feel that the existing regulations and laws should be revised to allow appropriate expansion of the betting industry and enable the governments to collect more revenue in forms of taxes from gambling. History of gambling in the US assumes a cyclic nature in the following order; legalization, scandal then prohibition. That is, a state would legalize gambling to facilitate collection of funds; then a scandal ensues where individuals take advantage of the gambling to steal money; eventually, the respective state bans gambling, and the cycle starts again with a fight for the legalization of gambling. On the contrary, Britain and other European nations have legalized sports betting. Besides, Britain has never banned sports gambling since its initial legalization (Hobson, 2015).


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