Arab human development report

Arab human development report

Explain the concept between human security, human development and the relationship between the two

Human security is the observation of the safety of the inhabitants of a community. Human security is separate from state security in that it involves protection of the people by ensuring that all their needs are met. Human development on the other hand can be described as the creation of an environment that promotes the viability of a community. This can be seen in terms of available opportunities and resources that are important for the development of an individual.

Both human development and human security are interrelated in that one factor affects the other. For a community to be able to be productive there needs to be stability in terms of security that is provided by the state. This means that the success of the individuals is reflective on the willingness and the encouragement of the state authorities in terms of the provision opportunities. Giving members of the state opportunities improves the human security in a state. If a country has a record of consistent human security, the rate of human development is likely to increase. Human development is enabled by the productive environment which is the direct result of human security. One of the issues the Arab countries are facing is lack of human security in the country. If this is not rectified, it could lead to the slow human development which is essential for the viability of an economy.

Both human security and human development are important for the success of any country. The two factors affect each other in that they work hand in hand. It is thus essential for the state to ensure that both factors are observed.

Summarize one out of the seven threats towards Arab human security analyze the cause of the threat and propose possible solutions

There are many issues that the Arab human security is faced with at the moment. The country is thus tasked with the responsibility of identifying the issues and improving on the situation. Some of the problems have proved to be more strenuous in that their existence poses a big threat to the human security and therefore needs to be looked into.

The threat that the Arab human security faces is the continued increase of the lack of human security in the states. As stated earlier, human security involves the creation of development opportunities for the citizens so that they can maximize on them and develop the community as a whole. Most of the problems that the citizens have been faced with are the lack of employment, proper basic facilities, insecurity and inadequate resources.

These factors are important for the success of any community in that they make up the opportunities. Most of the individuals in the Arab states have complained of the lack of support from the government in terms of the provision of the basic opportunities. The fact that the government is more concerned with the state security makes it difficult for the human security to be addressed. If the population increases to record high rates of unemployment, insecurity too mention but a few, there will be no room for individual development. This in turn will affect the productivity of the country. A country that is not productive continues to register poor results in terms of living standards.

In conclusion, the Arab human security is a sensitive issue in member states. Most of these factors are brought about by the lack of the motivation in the part of the state government. The authorities have to priorities in terms of what is important for the human security so as to enable the success of the community.