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Application Personal Statement

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Application Personal Statement

PART ONE – Looking Backwards: Reflective Practice

Impacts on P-12 Students’ Learning.

My current and future professional practice have significantly benefited from my previous experiences working with children and youth. Some of the impacts I had on P-12 students’ learning is the reinforcement of students’ self-esteem. When I started teaching the students, many had low self-esteem and never believed in their abilities. When I showed them the importance of high self-esteem, they began to do better in their performances. Another impact I had on the students is that I made them embrace diversity and work together as a team. Teaching students and seeing them embrace diversity in their lives was one of my most outstanding achievements.

How I Have Used Feedback from my Instructors or to Improve my Practice.

I believe that effective feedback promotes self-reflection and reinforces good practice; thus, I have used feedback from my supervisors and instructors in several ways to improve my technique. First, I have focused on what my supervisor tells me without feeling that I have to agree or disagree. This has given my supervisor humble time to help me improve my practice. In addition, I have used feedback from supervisors and instructors to improve my practice by encouraging my students to ask questions about their feedback. This will help to improve my practice by engaging in two-way communication with my students and also foster a positive learning environment.

Most Vital Attributes of Touro GSE Candidate Learning Outcomes (CLOs) and the Specific Outcomes

Touro GSE Candidate Learning Outcomes that I view as my most vital attributes are;

Standard RP1: where students are aware of professional, educational, and research ethics and the tools available for professional development, and they reflect on how those factors influence their practice.

Standard LC2: to encourage learning, wellness, and self-advocacy, it is crucial to get an understanding of the developmental variations and learning requirements of persons from a variety of backgrounds.

Areas of Concern I have Regarding the Development of my Ability to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

To accommodate the needs and preferences of diverse students, I will have to understand different cultures. I have had a lack of experience with different cultures, and I noticed that some students were not satisfied with how I carried out some activities. I believe that understanding other cultures will help the learners get a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Part Two- Looking Forward: Goal setting

Clear and Measurable goals

The professional goals that I seek to achieve while working with the learners include:

1.To understand different cultural practices so that I can ensure that all needs of the diverse group of learners are met.

This goal is in line with the Touro Candidate Learning Outcome, Standard LC2, which quotes that to encourage learning, self-advocacy, and wellbeing, it is essential to understand the developmental variations and learning requirements of persons from diverse backgrounds.

2.To ensure that learners have good personal relationships with their teachers, families, and guardians to promote innovation and friendly learning environments for the students.

This goal is in line with Touro Candidate Learning Outcome, Standard PCA2, which encourages professionals to work with students, other professionals, families, and community members to foster creativity and the achievement of individuals to improve professional development and lifetime learning.