Application of problem solving techniques in groups.


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Application of problem solving techniques in groups.

Problem solving is the use of methods in an orderly manner to find solutions to problems. In groups mostly in the second stage of group formation which is the storming stage, members of the group often than not tend to disagree with each member fighting for a better position and to be part of decision making in the group(Griffin, 2012). A group is a collection of people who come together with a common purpose and they mostly share same problems; however one aspect still remains in human nature we all share different views from others hence the cause of conflict.

Various professional and effective techniques are required to allow proper flow of activity in a group in order to achieve the set goals and objectives of the group. As a manager or a member of the group one should apply the methods of problem solving in the following ways; a proper definition of the problem or source of conflict would be the first step towards getting a solution to an issue in the group. Getting to listen to the problem would enable one to understand the degree to which the problem is affecting the group. Setting up of a meeting to discuss the issue would be appropriate hence both parties get to air their differences. The issue should be addressed in a clear and precise way.

Getting to know the root cause of the problem is the next step to getting a solution to the problem. For permanent elimination of the problem one should try and get to know the cause of the problem. Brainstorming is a nice way to get to know the various ideas and the ways the group would use to solve the problem. After airing the various notions, a committee is formed to evaluate the solutions given by the members of the group.

Getting alternatives for the current solutions in case they fail is another problem solving technique that should be applied to prevent the problem from affecting the group again even when the main solutions fail (Cassidy, 1999). Letting the group generate and all members to contribute towards finding a solution to the problem is a fair way to prevent alienation of some members of the group. People who are affected should be given the priority to give the solutions but external help too can be used towards getting an effective solution to allow proper functioning of the group. Proper communication is a way that contributes to people getting to understand one another. The root to proper understanding is allowing open and dignified mode of talking between members of the group. Having respect for other members’ view and personal space is a better way to achieve solutions to problems.

Proper communication and understanding in the group set up is a vital element toward achieving and ethical and lawful group environment. To answer the question how application of problem solving techniques would build a law enforced environment for the group, we see that through effective communication and getting to discuss issues of the group allows openness between members which is a healthy way for mutual relationship between members. When members of the group are comfortable and are in good terms with one another there are less quarrels in the group and they work in a consistent way and together smoothly towards achievement of the common objective. When there is peace in the group people listen to one another and hence they work peacefully together. Through allowing members of the group to speak, they feel part and puzzle of the group. This eliminates discrimination among members and promotes unity hence it is easy to implement law and order in the group.

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