Application Letters





Application Letters

Question 1

How does the University of Chicago, as you know it now, satisfy your desire for a particular kind of learning, community, and future? Please address with some specificity your own wishes and how they relate to your desire to transfer to Chicago.

It is always important as an individual to take charge of one educational situation at an early age. It is advisable not to accept other people ideologies as the truth, as I have learnt to question the reasoning behind their ideas. The most fundamental issue to me has been to challenge the pros and cons of life. This is the main reason why the University of Chicago is my number one learning institution. The foundation of the university is accepting and developing the student’s ideas. This happens to be a great opportunity for learners to give out their best. A person is in a position to explore and test the unique concepts one has in mind.

The basis of starting the University is to challenge conventional ideas and thus makes it a perfect choice and the right academic institution for me. The enthusiasm to try out, and encourage the idea of intellectual freedom gives the institution a niche over other academic institutions. This is precisely the kind of organization that one would love to be linked to as it is a, a seedbed of novelty and force to learn more.

The Chicago school of Art is an ideal example of this idea this is because the psychoanalysis and testing of innovations is the most important values in that field. Arts exemplify the individuality that Chicago has and we share that in common. This is because I have a dream of pursuing a degree in Art at an advanced stage. Like other students in the university, I would merge this importance on the practical testing of thoughts with a vigorous dose of hard work and love for books.

Lastly, I wish to spend the four years at the school enclosed by students aggressively occupied with new ideas and debate, not only in the classroom environment, but also in the dining halls and dormitories.


Please tell us why you are planning to leave (or have already left) your current college or university.

The main reason why an individual chooses to attend any academic institution is to equip oneself with knowledge skills and ideas. It becomes unreasonable if achieving that is a problem. This is the reason I feel obliged to move to another learning institution that has the needs of learners at heart. The learning environment is not conducive to achieve the best results as the essential amenities that should be availed to the students are missing.

As the world is dynamic, there is a need for an academic institution to come up with curriculum s that prepares the learners with the necessary knowledge to overcome the challenges in the profession of their choice. This has been a fundamental aspect that the university that am studying has ignored and continues to teach students using outdated resources. Lastly the location of the university provides one with varied opportunities to put into practice whatever an individual learn in the classroom. This happens to be an extremely vital aspect of learning as it brings out the best in an individual as well as encourage a person.

Essay Option 4: While working at the Raytheon Company, Percy Spencer noticed that standing in front of a magnetron (used to generate microwave radio signals) caused a chocolate bar in his pocket to melt. He then placed a bowl of corn in front of the device, and soon it was popping all over the room. A couple of years later, Raytheon was selling the first commercial microwave oven.

Write about a time you found something you weren’t looking for.

Many times I would go to the field just because it was a routine in school or maybe because it was the same as breaking one of the many school rules if I choose not to go there. This is because the institution placed so much importance in extracurricular activities, and it was a big offence to refuse to participate in it or abscond. It came as a surprise to me in my second year that I could handle a basketball ball and scores a number of shots for my team on my credit. What started as a simple routine brought out the hidden talent that I never thought I possessed. One time the basketball coach sent me to the school games store to get some basketball balls. When I came back, he literally forced me to join the team, because of my tall body physique. The first days seemed like a torture to me and would wish for the time the practice session would end.

Day by day, I realized I was starting to enjoy the moments spent o the court by the basketball coach. Within months of training, I joined the school main team and became one of the reliable players on the team. This whole experience made me discover a hidden talent that I never knew that I possessed. Two years later and I was the school captain leading the team to major basketball tournaments, winning most of the trophies. At the same time, I successfully got sports scholarship based on my new found talent. Here, I am a good basketball player envied by many and even role models to some people. I guess each one of us has some hidden talent that needs to be realized and one never know where it might take a person.