Apple’s Marketing Campaign

Apple’s Marketing Campaign


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Apple’s Marketing Campaign

Objectives and Goals

Apple is a brand that has been in the technological market for many years experiencing good growth especially with its consistency when it comes to innovation. The ability to produce technologies that respond to customer needs has endeared many customers to it making to be among the most respected companies. However, it is important that Apple remains conspicuous and popular in the market. Apple intends to fulfill this objective by designing and implementing an aggressive and unique marketing campaign. The campaign needs to be one that takes into consideration changes in consumer tastes, adjustments in the promotional media preferred by most consumers and the behavior of Apple’s competitors(Henley & Caemmerer, 2011). The campaign will rely on understanding the target customers, improving the distribution channel, introducing new offers, use of effective marketing, pricing and positioning strategy.

Target customers

Teenagers are among Apple’s biggest customers as they tend to fancy technological gadgets a lot. Teenagers make the most use of Apple’s iPod listening to music and visiting social sites such as facebook visiting facebook and twitter. The case is the same with university and college students who also use iphones and Macbooks to record notes fast. They also prefer them due to the ease of carrying them as they are light.The marketing campaign also intends to cover the business people most of whom are intrigued by Apple products (iPads, iPhones, Macbooks etc) as they certain business qualities that they find useful such as efficient communication with clients and ease and organized way of sending documents.Another target market will be children especially with the easy to use iPods and iPads while parents can also download learning game applications to teach young children. Adults in general need apple for their daily needs that include internet connection, map directions, phone calls,camera, and documents making their lives easier.

Marketing Mix

Pricing & Positioning Strategy

Since Apple’s products are of high quality and highly respected by its clients, it will be prudent to set prices that tend to reflect these aspects. The strategy in the marketing campaign will be in terms of pricing will be to avoid setting low prices since this kind of price ha s proved disastrous before(Gospe, 2008). Apple’s customers find pride and prestige in owning some of the most expensive toys around. However, these prices will be customized to suit various different markets.


In improving its marketing campaign, Apple will improve the distribution of its products through opening up of new retail outlets for its products. It will also make use of new suppliers who have proven to be good at distribution.


In order to increase sales, the marketing campaign will make use of back to school promotions, festive season discount offers and making sales on hire purchase terms to persons with a stable source of income. The firm will also allow free trials of its products by its consumers. Another strategy would be to introduce money-back guarantees in case of any defective products.

Marketing Materials

Apple will employ the use of print brochures, catalogues, business cards and website among others to update customers of the latest products from Apple and some of their features. This will also enable Apple to access new customers.

Tim Leberecht’s approach

Tim’s approach requires a firm to gain an understanding of its potential customers and focus its energy on the specific target consumers. This will enable the firm to save on resources since it will only target a specific portion of the market.

Significance of Leberecht’s Approach

Leberecht’s approach can apply to my organization perfectly. This is because my firm focuses on high end customers who can be able to afford most of its products. Marketing my firm’s product to the low income market segment would lead to a waste of valuable resources.


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