Answers to questions (Hamlet)

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Answers to questions (Hamlet)

Justice is not achieved in the play hamlet by Shakespeare. The play allows us to see the world through a different lens and this is a type of understanding whereby revenge is seen as a form of justice. Revenge works for several people like Fortinbras who travels for a long time to make sure justice through revenge is gained. It is upon these other characters whereby the story of hamlet is portrayed, compared, and contrasted bringing out the great extent to which he never achieved justice by his refusal to kill Claudius early in time and hamlet lets the death of his father not be avenged due to his waiting which is seen as unhealthy. Therefore justice in this case is not achieved because it is delayed.

The manner in which justice is not achieved can be seen as through how hamlet fails to act at the right time. The main discussion is between Hamlet and Claudius. the other characters only act towards the addition of the ideas advanced by these two. Claudius is the person who killed Hamlet’s father and therefore Hamlet keeps on trying to kill him however he is prevented by several issues and cannot effectively carry out his will and desire to kill him. The first thing is that Claudius is in love with Hamlet’s mother and killing him might mean hurting his mother which he never wanted to do. On the other hand, Claudius is most of the time appealing and praying to God therefore killing him while he is praying makes it very difficult because Hamlet does not want to send the same person who killed his father into heaven. This is because if he killed him while praying he could go to heaven directly.

The person who is guilty in this case is Claudius and he is not punished appropriately thus the delay and the lack of justice. reasons suggested by other authors for not killing Claudius in time which have been suggested by different authors include the fact that Hamlet fears for his life and fears what might happen if he kills Claudius. His unconscious mind also leads him towards the delay in the execution of Claudius and finally, he does not fully believe that his father’s ghost was real and he keeps on trying to remind himself that it happened and he had to bring justice for his father.

Clouded by the judgment and love of her mother helmet in most of the times is unable to act. This is because his Mother re-married so fast and hamlet finds it very difficult to understand her and the reason why she is this way. The confusion in trying to understand his mother as well as trying not to hurt her because he loved her makes him delay his execution of Claudius.

The fact that Claudius is most of the time praying when hamlets try to kill him is brought out clearly and therefore this means him going to heaven. This is the most emphasized point and a reason as to why Hamlet does not act accordingly and therefore keeps on procrastinating his plan. The book, therefore, is religious and apart from justice, it tries to tell us how religion can be a deterring factor towards the achievement of something like it was for hamlet not to be possible to kill his father’s murderer because killing him and therefore providing him with eternal life and happiness were the least of the desires of hamlet. This is evident in act three scene three.

Other people have suggested that the ghost of Hamlet’s father haunts him and therefore it is a very difficult decision to make whether to kill Claudius. The confusion about this as well as her mother’s desire to get remarried to Claudius clouds his judgment and therefore seeing is impaired. This is because it is generally believed that ghosts would have brought problems to the person they appeared to.

Due to the failure of hamlet to execute his father’s murder, several other individuals within the play get to die, and therefore this is what makes it a delayed justice as its delay leads to negative influences. The characters that die include Laertes, Rosencrantz, Polonius, Gertrude, Guildenstern, and Ophelia. In the desire to keep him feeling bad hamlet presents Claudius with the scene of his father’s death and therefore this makes him feel bad. This is evident in the 3rd act scene 2.