Answer EACH of the following questions. Your answers should be 50-100 words each, with citations for each sentence of your an

Answer EACH of the following questions. Your answers should be 50-100 words each, with citations for each sentence of your answer.

1. What did the Founding Fathers have to consider when setting up a new government? Explain. Cite all sources.

The main considerations of the founding fathers were justice and liberty (crash course video #4). They spent a lot of time trying their level best to come up with the constitution which best defined the United States (crash course video #6). They therefore considered the future of the country and they did all they could to make sure that the future of the United States was in the correct hands. The first type of government was republican (crash course video #9).

2. Describe the debate between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. How were their differences resolved? Where do we see remnants of their debate in politics today? Explain. Cite all sources.

Federalists advocated for a constitution which have a lot of power to the government thus enabling them to do what was required for the people of the country and to make sure that everything ran in the right manner (crash course video #3). The anti-federalists believed that with this power the government could become a central unit which never considered its citizens and therefore they proposed measurers to make sure that the government was what was needed by the commoners and not just the top leaders (crash course video #3). People like Abigail Adams and mercy Otis warren were the forebears of the balance which was much needed. Today this is seen whereby the people can remove those elected from office (crash course video #3).

3. Is Donald Trump correct when he argues that his ban from Twitter and other social media sites is a violation of his free speech rights? Explain. Cite all sources.

He is not correct because free speech cannot be used to mislead others or to insult other people (crash course video #11). President trumps social media accounts were suspended because he was propagating a new theory known as qAnon, a theory which is a conspiracy theory and therefore for the protection of the masses and in need to bring out a sane society and prevent chaos his social media accounts were terminated (crash course video #25). This proved to work and therefore it is a good way to prevent a person from misusing their freedom of speech(crash course video #25).

4. Do you think one branch of government has become more powerful than the others? Why or why not? Cite all sources.

No, there is no one branch of government which can become too powerful (crash course video #28). This is because of the presence of the system of checks and balances which try to make sure that liberty, rule of law are followed and that there is no person in leadership who abuses their power or uses their power in the wrong manner (crash course video #47).

5. What was the most amusing thing you learned about American government this term? What was the most alarming? What was the most surprising? Explain each answer. Cite all sources.

The most amusing fact was that the government regulated the media (crash course video #45). Even though I knew before that there are some things which cannot be posted or talked about on social media I never thought it was because the government regulated the media but I always thought it was because of moral values and dignity of some things therefore unable to be talked about (crash course video #45).

6. Based on what you’ve learned this semester, who or what do you think has the most influence on politicians? Explain your answer. Cite all sources.

I believe that the people who elect the politicians are the people who have the most influence (crash course video #38). This is because these people who elect the politicians can decide to do away with them if their performance in their duties is very low (crash course video #39). Therefore they have to try their level best and perform to avoid being voted as of no confidence (crash course video #38).

7. Do you think that future progress in civil rights will come from Congress, the courts, or somewhere else? Explain your answer. Cite all sources.

Civil rights mostly comes from the congress, however with the many amendments to the law and the desire to cope with the coming and popping issues in the society, the court comes in and plays a very big role to interpret the law in the face of the current issues(crash course video #19). Therefore going forward the civil rights might likely come from the courts (crash course video #20).

8. What topic do you wish had been on this exam, but wasn’t? Why did you hope it would be on the exam? Explain your answer. Cite all sources.

Freedom of religion was one of the topics I hoped would be in the exam (crash course video #24). This is because religion at times is used as a place to hide immoral or what can be deemed as illegal actions and happenings (crash course video #24). Therefore the government needs a way to deal with religion and especially in cases where they are likely to lead to a situation of illegal actions (crash course video #24).