Annotated Bibliography Coping and Stress

Coping and Stress




Annotated Bibliography: Coping and Stress

Folkman, S. (2013). Stress: appraisal and coping (pp. 1913-1915). Springer New York.

This article explores how stress is brought about. Stress is brought about by the stressors. Daily events that may trigger stress includes traffic, money, losing an item such as a key or a wallet as well as quality of physical environment Stressors are physically or psychologically demanding circumstances or events. The researchers have often linked stressors to increase in an individual’s susceptibility to illnesses such as heart diseases as well as psychological disorders like anxiety and depression. Stressors can either be biological, environmental, an event or external stimuli. Daily events that may trigger stress includes traffic, money, losing an item such as a key or a wallet as well as quality of physical environment. Environmental stressors on the other hand entails things such as overcrowding, Over-illumination, hypo or hyper-thermic temperatures as well as sound levels. Life changes may also be stressors and the include things such as bereavement and divorce. Chemical stressors are often things such as alcohol, tobacco and other kinds of drugs. The paper highlights ways which we get to experience stress in our daily life. At times our mind needs to take a break from the stressors and at times we know what we really need to do. For example, if the job is the source of your stress, then you may need to take a short break away from it. The article also points out socializing as a great way of dealing with stress. People who lack a social life are often likely to undergo depression due to stress and at times even commit suicide.

This paper will serve as a key referencing point especially in my introduction where I will introduce the various types of stressors that exist. It will also serve as an important source while writing on the coping mechanism including strategies one can apply while at home as well as strategies such as psychotherapy that requires professional help. stress. The paper will point out the negative impacts associated with stress including the fact that it may lead to other psychological disorders such as depression and a weak immune system. Stress management has thus become quite important focus to many psychologists. This source will serve the purpose of helping me highlight the various measures one can take in order to overcome stressful situations in their life a key aspect in building and arguing out my body paragraphs.

I choose this article because it is from a reliable author who utilizes a conglomeration of other article to support his work. The article incorporates statistics on the research and quotes reliable sources making the article itself reliable. The paper does a good job in highlighting factors that triggers stress and how one can cope. It also categorizes the coping mechanism from which one can practice while at home to those that need psychiatric help including the various forms of therapies. Despite the article explaining ways one can deal with stress and burnout, it however does not clearly list categorically ways a person deals with ways to prevent stress. The article does not also highlight the various disadvantages associated with the therapies and how one can choose the best coping mechanism. It also focusses on adults and fails to show how children and teenagers may be in a position to deal and cope with stress. In dealing with stressful situation, most people tend to believe that only adults are affected. This is partially true as adults are affected in large numbers as compared to children. However, children too encounter stressful situations and their coping mechanism may not be as same as the adults and this article fails to do so..


Folkman, S. (2013). Stress: appraisal and coping (pp. 1913-1915). Springer New York.