Anjem Choudary belongs to a terror group know as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

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Anjem Choudary belongs to a terror group know as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, it refers to the Salafi jihadist terrorist group that holds a belief and follow a significant, Wahhabi and heredocs rules and principles of Sunni Islam. He is the group activist convicted of inviting support for prohibited terror groups as per the Terrorism Act 2000 and he served as the general solicitor until he was promoted to become the islam4United Kingdom Terror group spokesman. This group gained a mileage of global fame in 2014 when they attacked and drove the Government of Iraq out of the major cities in the crucial western offensive areas in Iraq. The attack followed the capture and retaliation of Mosul and Sinjar massacre consecutively.

The United Nations and other dependent countries have voted this group as the leading dangerous terrorist organization. It has been criticized that it brings down and destroys cultural legacy sites, it is also widely known for its videos killings and beheadings of soldiers, journalists, workers and innocent civilians in most of their attacks. They group as stated in history has committed several ethnic cleansing on a high scale standard in northern Iraq, (Treadwell, J. (2010). In Syria, the group has attacked the government forces as well as the opposition factions, this has made them conquer and bring into hostage western Iraq and some west part of Syria that has a total population estimated to be 8 million people.

Most conducive conditions before terror attacks include dehumanization of innocent victims of terrorism in all its forms and exhibitions causes spread of terrorism, lack of the proper rule of law, this has led to abuses of human rights, ethnic, national and religious discernment, partisan exclusion, socio-economic demotion and poor governance. It is often to note the assertion that states that have been considered weak and failed are highly powered to be the primary fertile home of terrorism. Terrorism is a significant problem and is being experienced even in countries that have been considered to be robust, stable and have a healthy variety system of the government (Anthony, A. (2014). Weak and failed states are significant grounds for terrorism, because they lack of proper, durable and functional governments and provide excellent environmental conditions for more specific types of attacks to occur. Additionally, these countries lack money to purchase weapons and usually unresolved conflicts lead to prolonged war, which encourages terror attacks. Moreover, terror groups being superior to them puts on more efforts to capture the states because they are well financed and has superior armaments this causes the weak countries to be attacked by the terror groups, for instance, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The attack that left seven people dead and more dozens of innocent individuals injured on Saturday night in London Bridge has been the latest attack to be related to Anjem Choudary’s network of extremists, (Treadwell, J. (2010). It is so evident that the offense had absolute chances of being prevented from occurring, but it was not. Anjem Choudary reported to authorities and law enforcement over his severe and alarming comments and bad behaviors over his threats and pledged to carry out slaughter, to cause the explosion and suicidal vest before the London attack, (Mulhall, J. (2013). An affidavit was filled for a warrant of arrest to be carried out, but it was not ignored and not issued. After the period, the bloody rampage occurs in London Bridge, which left several injured, and some died. The report about Anjem Choudary arrest and threat asked, but it never brought to court. Information about the risk was enough to provide evidence that Anjem Choudary was a terrorist and could return to the book. Even if there was no proper information based on the danger, the warrant of arrest was to be respected, and Anjem was to be investigated to obtain appropriate information. due to the carelessness and corruption in the department of law enforcement unit the police force assumed and ignored the order of warrant of arrest.

Therefore, such negligence has led to the continuous attack of nations and civilian by the terror groups. Do away with terror attack and threat this kind of information should never be ignored and assumed whatsoever by any law enforcement authority in the world. The United Kingdom has created highest priority department called Homeland security this helps in dealing with terrorist attack threats due to severe threats they are receiving in the past. Response officers do set some secular parade to surround the area of the crime scene before they could attack the suspected area. London Response has led to the development of more police programs and to increase the number of police recruits. Most of the response officers have trained on the emergency programs hence this has helped to save quite some lives. They use dangerous weapons, for instance, radiological, chemical and biological that used to attack large group, and their explosion can cover large areas. Security department works tirelessly to prevent terrorist attacks and other threats from engaging in the use of such weapon.

This attacked has led to reinstitute the and better rapid response category by the United Kingdom Department of law enforcement unit. The United Kingdom response service unit has managed to bring to board the coordination and enhancement of the role in strategizing conditions that are healthy in the spreading of terrorism in nations. The security forces have also managed to sign on issues concerning to the causes of terror attacks in different countries and fighting against violent extremism and providing the necessary assistance in hot spot areas where suspicion can arise. The response has also managed to undertake factors that are driving to the contribution of the violent extremism and has led to offer capacities of preventing and providing measures to keep terrorist under control, (Anthony, A. 2014). They Rapid force has also managed to work one on one with non-governmental and the civil societies while doing their operation enhance more resources and to strengthen safety. The United Kingdom has introduced the use of mass destruction weapons to scare away their enemies. Rapid unit are expected to do research and share projects in the suspected areas and sick to conjunctions and to pool resources where necessary. The Working Group of law enforcement must also work to ensure that duties and rules of law as per the international norms of human rights are respected and maintained while carrying out activities.

Since the occurrence of the attack on London bridge, security has been changed to improve the standard of lives of citizens and chances of survival of the attacks. Different police unit’s members undergo super thorough training as per the department, and the government has also offered free training and campaigns for the civilians on how to prepare some attack shooter drills.


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