Analyzing the Media Literacy of Social Justice (2)

Reflecting Personality in the Conversation

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Reflecting Personality in the Conversation


With more than 330 million active users each month, Twitter is currently one of the most widely used social networking platforms. Hashtags are an integral aspect of the Twitter culture and are regularly used to start or join conversations about current events. By using hashtag “Our Digital Narrative” on Twitter is an excellent method to urge people to consider the story they are presenting about themselves online.

Twitter is the platform which would be the most useful for the use of particular hashtag for an assortment of reasons. Starting off, it has been mentioned that this hashtag would go well with the fast-paced material that Twitter is known for. Second, Twitter is a fantastic platform for starting new conversations and joining ones that are already going on. Use this hashtag to start a conversation about the digital narrative and how you and I could collaborate to create a more positive version of it.

Third, employing this hashtag would allow you the chance to interact with a substantial number of individuals since Twitter is a publically accessible website. In addition to its anticipated benefits, that used this hashtag on Twitter may also have some unforeseen repercussions. Starting with the fact that Twitter is a highly noisy website, it might be difficult to stand out and get seen. You’ll need to put some effort into using the same hashtag if you want to be seen. Second, trolls and other people who publish offensive comments are well-known on Twitter. This hashtag carries the potential of being hijacked by negative or aggressive remarks if caution is not taken when using it. Twitter is the greatest venue for the hashtag “Our Digital Narrative” since it is a quick-paced network that emphasizes conversation and has a significant potential audience.