Analyzing the Evidence Argument Essay

TASK: Please click on the attached assignment instructions file link in order to understand what you need to do in order to complete this writing task:

CRE 101 Argument 2 articles-1-1.doc 

The document contains a link that will help you access one of the articles.

Here are alternative links in case you are unable to view the articles:

Here is an alternative link to article 1: (Links to an external site.)

Here is the link to the second article (Links to an external site.)

The first article in pdf format in case you want to download and print it: half_US_food_goes_to_waste.pdf

The second article in Word format in case you want to download and print it: InaWorldofAbundance.docx


I have also attached a couple of links to sample essays below that analyze and evaluate two different articles so that you can see how such essays need to be written. Of course, the topic for the sample papers are very different from the topic you will be working on. This is intentional so that there is no fear of accidental plagiarism. (Links to an external site.)