Analyze and evaluate two ideas on fear with reference to the Article

INSTRUCTION:Analyze and evaluate two ideas on fear with reference to the Article: On Campus, Fear is on the Syllabus by Jessica Bennett and the video on Fear of Failure by Karen Thompson Walker on the TED Talk.


Introduction- Fear is often thought of as a weakness, a thing we need to fight and to overcome. At the same time we could also see fear as an amazing form of imagination, a story telling in itself.

Thesis statement- Fear of failure is caused by several factors which include the individuals’ perfectionism, perfectionism of those people around us, personalization of events one self, lack of confidence and childhood experiences.


Paragraph one- Discuss on perfectionism of an individual and the perfectionism of the people that surround them.

Paragraph two – Discuss the lack of self-confidence, personalization of events and childhood experiences as causes of fear of failure

Paragraph three- Analyze the different ways of looking at fear contrary to the norm of it being viewed as a weakness but rather an imagination of its sort.

Conclusion- Conclude by giving a general opinion on fear, its causes and how to deal with it.