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Analysis Paper

In my opinion, the paper answers the prompt exhaustively. The paper is also well thought out, and one call tell that a lot of preparation went into preparing the document. In essence, the paper’s writing is satisfactory. One of the strongholds of this paper is that it has structure. I recognize the fact that each paragraph carries its unique idea. This makes it easy for the readers that like to skim through papers. By reading the first two sentences, the readers can tell what the essay is addressing. On the downside, I feel that there are a few things that I could have done to improve on the paper. One of the mistakes I made has to do with the sources. On the last page, the instructor noted that I should have used more references. I agree that the references I used to write the paper were not sufficient. I should have used more citations in the paper. After all, citations speak to the credibility of a text. Additionally, I did not use the required spacing required by the MLA guidelines on the first page. When writing the paper details on the left side, I should have used double-spacing just like the rest of the paper.

What I will do differently in the papers I will write in the future is to include sub-titles in each paragraph. This will make it easy to identify what each topic is talking about without reading the first paragraph. In essence, subtitles will make it easy for readers to tell the main ideas in plain sight. In the future, when writing papers, I will be more keen to ensure that I follow the required guidelines. Additionally, I will ensure that I correctly site the text in my paper. In order to avoid the mistakes that I made in writing this paper, I will write the paper way ahead of the deadline so that I can have ample time to read through and ensure that there are no mistakes. Additionally, I will request a friend to read through my final draft so that I can get a second-eye perspective of the paper.