Analysis of the Big Dig project





The big dig

The focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of the Big Dig project. The paper looks at the occurrences that occurred from construction to its collapse. The paper finally offers my impressions of the project. The contents of the paper are summarized with a concluding paragraph.

Located in Boston, the big dig is one of the countries monumental man made constructions. The construction of the highway was supposed to improve the transportation system of the New York City to the rest of the country. The construction of the Big Dig has however made a bigger impact that not only affects the transportation industry.

The construction of the highway is one of the products of industrialization of the country. Industrialization is marked by the construction of infrastructure so as to improve the living standards of the community. All constructions are expected to be strong, reliable and convenient so as to support the large population that uses the service. Failure to meet these standards results in the risk of the general population. This is not ideal for the safety of the country’s citizens and should thus be addressed.

The tunnel was one of the country’s most costly constructions to date. This is owed to the extensive innovative plans that were offered for its construction. One of the disadvantages that came with the construction of the huge project was the number of people involved. The construction team experienced a number of challenges due to the inadequate logistics and tampering of figures. The construction of the tunnel was supposed to cost about 15,000 US dollars initially. This however was not the case in that the cost tripled as a result of mismanagement and lack of accountability by the authorities in charge. To date the residents of Boston are liable to the debt that the tunnel continues to accumulate.

One of the factors that discredit the validity of the construction was the death of a motorist who succumbs to the unstructured concrete ceiling of the tunnel. This indicates that the tunnel is built using the cheapest forms of material. This is contrary to the amount of money spent on the project causing allegations of mismanagement of public funds.

An incredible number of influential figures are involved in the construction project. This has turned the matter into a political issue. Some of the key players of the construction project were the Greenways and the Leonard P. Zakim. The Greenway conservancy is named after Kennedy Greenway. The Greenway stretches from the big dig to various locations in Boston making it a major part of the repairs. The Zakim Bridge on the other hand is one of the progressive features of the big dig. It is credited for its innovative engineering making it the heart of the tunnel.

In conclusion, the tunnel continues to generate a considerable amount of controversy. The financial situation of the country has in turn been affected due to the rising interest rates. The Big Dig continues to serve the country in terms of transport. Its condition is questionable in that it serves a vast number of people in the city. The repairs continue to take place so as to elevate the safety of the construction. Despite the immense improvements that have been introduced, the city has a long way to go before it restores its reputation.