Analysis of Letter to America by Margaret Atwood

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Analysis of Letter to America by Margaret Atwood

In “Letter to America” written by Margaret Atwood’s, she talks about her dissatisfaction with America. All through the letter, Margaret Atwood conveys her mix-up with perplexity on the present region of United States. She speaks on how America has undergone change since she was a young girl and compares it to how America was during her youth.

The objective behind this piece is to look at how America is encountering fast changes. It similarly reveals the amazing assumptions that folks like Margaret Atwood put to support the changes. She insinuates about her segregation from the United States. She ponders over the happiness and enthusiasm of United States’ mainstream way of life in the seasons of “the Andrews Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, the Platters, and Elvis.” (Atwood). She also literates epic achievements of people who came up with the idea of her most cherished stories and the performing specialists whom she admired as she became of age.

The key targeted audience for this paper is the United States, to exhibit people’s reaction concerning the rot portrayed in the wonderful country. A number of guys are perplexed at some of the conclusions America is arriving at concerning war and offering protection to its citizens. Atwood then asks the Americans “when did you get so alarmed?” (Atwood). Atwood’s aim in making this paper is to examine the present exercises of the United States and to showcase how it has lost trustworthiness over a short time. The time of America during Atwood’s youth and the present states of America acts as a favorable way to show how America has lost its values.

The use of a letter makes a greatly near and dear format for the paper. It makes the peruser have a feeling of investigating someone up close and coordinated efforts with each other. This game plan is uncommonly fitting for the format of the work because it exhibits that the writer has a great degree of near and dear association with the substance of the letter she writes.

An assumption can be deduced that the writer’s feeling towards America is astoundingly capricious. Atwood sees the achievements of United State then compares them to the impact they have brought to her life. The way she describes the impact America has had in her life shows that she finds it very hard giving up on America just by remembering the amount of satisfaction the country has given her. In spite of the way that her mien concerning America has had a twist of thoughts, this piece of the article is an affirmation that Atwood has inconceivable feelings associated with the United States. Any reader of this letter can easily tell the sorrow and grief full in Atwood’s heart that may make one feel that she has lost a dear friend.

Atwood describes the caring existing between the United States and Canada by saying, ” We’re like Romanized Gaul’s-look like Romans, dress like Romans, but aren’t Romans-peering over the wall at the real Romans.” (Atwood). This is substantial for the majority of the Canadians. Regardless of the way that we perceive personally with American culture, in spite of all that we advance back to examine their decisions and goals. A great deal of the mainstream culture is clearly associated with America’s, the lion’s share of trade depends on them, and in the long run, a number of their decisions have effects on the citizens. This letter describes in details of majority’s feelings towards the changing America.

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