Analysis of Gun Boys Rhapsody by Ian Strachan




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Analysis of Gun Boys Rhapsody by Ian Strachan

Works of art will always have a deeper meaning or represent a particular cultural context. These works have themes in them and contain specific message according to current trends and for this case the 21st century. There are a lot of things happening in contemporary society that movies, songs and other pieces of art try to explain. Gun boys a screenplay by Ian Strachan compares the life of the youths and their violence. For instance, approach on violence and the youth including their actions, reactions and outcomes. Violence holds us in deep sorrow and draws us back into a pile of puke that no one has keen adherence to but we just smell the rot. The screenplay is a snapshot that reflects the life in the ghetto because of its “ghetto setting”. (Smith & Benjamin’s. 2017). Due to this remarkable memory, there is a deep and scrutinized meaning of both social and cultural concepts discussed below.

The play displays a lot of issues and the ongoing themes of the 21st century where the youth think that they are too civilized yet there is still a lot of problems in the society which needs to be looked into. The play captures the realities of our youths and their behaviours in the community that the environment seems to be ignorant about it. It captures the inner workings of our society that is in the decay of activities such as incest, rape, gender violence, the life of single parenthood and the thug life. This is the rot in our society that everyone needs to point out to help correct this dark side of our society. It is a positive move by Ian Strachan that makes us aware of our activities and there is a need to rectify this. The neighbourhood from the movie no longer can emphasize these actions at this point (Smith & Benjamin’s. 2017).

Also, Ian talks about social connectivity as an influence contributing to the rot in society. Social connectivity is based on groups including; peer connectivity, political connectivity and societal connectivity. Gang relations is the primary example of social connectivity which has become a herculean task to control for the community to begin its healing process. Janero, a young boy, is seen to have been influenced by the elder peers and he says when he grows up he wants to be a wrapper like a snoop dog and Fifty Cent. It is sad when he says “no one is going to try and shoot me up, and I am going to shoot them”. A young boy should be thinking positively, but society has shaped him otherwise.

Not to forget the theme of corruption and thug life which the paper has addressed as a current problem in the 21st century. Gun boys also depict corruption with the main politician in the film; Chigozie being the source of all the political impunity. Neoliberalism of the capitalist, nepotism, tribalism and cronyism is also exposed in the film play of the ‘Gun Boys’. Corruption is the current fashion of our society, and it needs to be critiqued so that our leaders can regulate this Impunity. First thug life is seen throughout the movie. The gun boys who are in a no surrender mood because they feel that they have nothing to lose. The surviving reality of the youth seems not to bother the older men. The Obeah man seems to be eclipsed by riding the motorbike and a hard way of living due to his father who did not father him and mother who always beat him and other several cases of abuse. The gang boys know no love than violence while in search of a living. The saying by the gang “thug life or no life” implies a lot.

Conclusively, I consider the play ‘The Gun Boys Rhapsody’ as a very successful piece of art presented by Ian Strachan. It is evident in the sense that Strachan displays every rot in society without hiding anything. It takes courage and determination for one to write such an educational play. It persuades us the society to corrects its mistakes because after watching we all know that there is a big mess. By being informative, the author gives us information about everything we know and ignore and what we don’t know. We get a knowledge of activities around us, and the emotions we get from the play explains to us that there is more in what we know to be normal.

Finally, after watching such a quality play we as the society need to do something about the things that Strachan has highlighted in the movie. It does not only apply to the people of Bahamas nor those living in the ghetto but to every society with this bad practices. If we all correct this type of life thin lice economic growth and education are going to improve.

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