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Analysis Assessment

Question one

Both characters Jarboe’s in “I Am a Beautiful Bug” and Barrett’s in “Ways the Philippines Can Talk” are plain victims who suffer due to their identities. Jarboe suffers due to his decision to change his looks through a plastic surgery whease Barrett sufer due to his original birth color. Jarboe desires to transform himself and become a very big insect and look like Greor Samsa. The desire pushes him to visit The Metamorphosi and finaly receives the transformation successfully through surgey. At the end of it, his return to Boston becomes a struggle due to the alteration of identication. He loses his Id documents , job and is even put in the cell. His suffering continue even after going back to work with his pay going to a frozen account and losing friends as well. Finally he is able to meet his kind. On the other hand Barretts identification suffering is brought by him being an American. He receive misjudge everywhere he appears which leaves him depressed. The people around him are all showering insults on him from his look, size, color and height. He is said not to be Philippine like the other. This result to him hatting his home. Among the two characters, Barret happens to be the one who suffers the most from his identity. He is innocent on how he looks and cannot be able to change it but accept. Jarboe suffers from his own decision to change his identity and at the end he is able to meet his king unlike Barrett.

Question two

Sothy in “ Three Women of Chuck’s Donuts and Barrett in “Ways the Philippines Can Talk” are made powerless because of there gender in various aspects. Sothy is a woman who is dedicated at her job of selling donuts. Despite her handwork, her business does not sell well. It’s very rare for her nor her daughter Kayley to see a customer and if she does she stare with hope. Despite her daughter being educated, she can only accompany her mother at the shop and help with the donut selling. This is a sign of the powerlessness the girl child has in California to even lack a job after studies. Barrett is also no spared with gender. He first starts by receiving insults even from a store keeper. Instead of him receiving respect as a man, he receives insulting name like tomboy, so thin, so tall and light skin like a model. His powerlessness is even contributed by his own family who join in insulting and making him feel inferior. Sothy powerlessness because of her gender is more pronounce. The fact that her donught stall is not considered by customers and the streetlights are switched off because she has no power to talk for herself. Her situation is also seen in her own daughter which is a clear indication of the place where women hold in California.(225 words)

Question Four

Candrill in “ On Crescents & Transition & Waning” and Jarboe in “ I Am a Beautiful Bug” are both driven By the same motive of transforming their bodies. Candrill desire is to have her original body with the flesh benign there right positions (line 7 and 8). She therefore takes the initiative to go for surgery and receive her dream body again. After the surgery, she really feels happy and satisfied with her looks and even view life more positively. Jarboe intention of body transformation was the desire to become a big beautiful insect. He receives his surgery and request to have looks like Samsa (Jarboe). After he surgery, he feels very pleased with his new self that he doesn’t have to struggle with drinking water with his long antennae. But soon, the new look starts to be the source of his problems till he meets his kind. Candrill appears to be the most satisfied with her new look. She sees life much better compared to before. She even appreciates her own body and being alive like the moon.(180 words)

Question Five

Brammer in “The Moon Navel” and Tevy in “The Three Women Of Chucks Donuts” are seen to be in a phase of self-realization journey. Tevy works with Sothy in the donut café and is observant of how the café runs daily with no gains. The open book on the countertop and realizes there is no hope for the café but still stands to give a shoulder to her mother. He feels the rejection of the outsiders towards his mother and tries to voice it but her Sothys persistence makes him comply. Brammer is also able to learn about himself through his friends’ reaction toward him over time. He feels things are not as they were and learns to adapt like that. (150 words)