An Organization that serves and advocates for persons with disabilities

HSS 418/618 Hallmark Project

This writing assignment will give the student an opportunity to explore one of the following topics related to diversity with physical activity and health. The student will demonstrate a keener awareness level of one of the following:                                                                                                                         1. A Special Disability2. An Organization that serves and advocates for persons with disabilities3. An Adapted Sport

Project Guidelines

You will be completing this assignment individually.

You will be responsible for identifying an adapted sport or organization, which serves persons with disabilities. Students may also explore a specific disability of interest. You will produce a research paper on your chosen topic. Undergraduate students must produce a research paper with a minimum of five pages and graduate students must produce a research paper with a minimum of 10 pages.

The paper must include a cover page. The cover page should have the topic of your paper (selected adapted sport, organization, or disability). Below the topic should be your name. The cover page does not count towards the minimum page count.

The research paper must be typed, double-spaced with page numbers posted in the center of the bottom of the page.

The research paper should follow APA format and properly cite resources.

You are required to use a minimum of six (6) references in the paper. Each of the references should be properly cited in the body of the paper and placed on a reference page. One of the references can be your textbook and at least two (2) of the others must be peer reviewed journal articles. These additional references need to support information in your research paper. A journal article is scientific in nature. Examples of journals that you could use would be Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, Palaestra, Journal of Learning Disabilities, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (JOPERD), Journal of Teaching and Physical Education, and Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. Magazines such as Muscle and Fitness or Sports Illustrated, etc would not qualify as a peer reviewed journal article. Graduate students are required to include a minimum of ten (10) references and at least four (4) must be peer reviewed journal articles.

Other additional references such as books, websites, etc. can be used to supplement information for the research paper. As a reminder, six references is the minimum, and at least two must be peer reviewed journal articles.

The paper must include a reference page and must adhere to APA format. The reference page does not count towards the minimum page count.

The research paper should cover the key concepts of the topic you have identified and should be thorough in detail. The paper should demonstrate you have a good understanding of your selected topic.

The paper should not contain grammar and spelling errors.

The research paper is worth 100 possible points.

All students majoring in a College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) degree including a Health and Sport Sciences degree are required to submit their completed research paper on LiveText by 5:00 p.m. on the due date. All non-CEHD majors are not required to submit their completed report on LiveText. Additionally, all students enrolled are required to turn in a copy of the finished project by attaching the report via the Assignments section of Blackboard. The due date for the project is posted on the course schedule. In summary, CEHD majors will turn the assignment in twice, on LiveText and by attaching to Blackboard. Non-CEHD majors will be turning the project in once, by attaching the completed project to Blackboard.

Pay careful attention to the due date posted on the course schedule. Twenty points per day will be deducted for each day past the due date the paper is turned in. For example, if the paper is due at 5:00 pm, and the report is turned in to the instructor later than 5:00 pm that same day, there will already be a 20-point deduction on the grade.

Students will use course information to develop a paper on one of the following scenarios: the importance of diversity in athletics with adapted sport opportunities; an organization that supports and advocates for persons with disabilities; or research a special disability across the lifespan. 

Standards: NASPE (National Association Sports and Physical Education)Standard 3: Diverse Students, Physical Education teachers understand how individuals differ in their approaches to learning, and create appropriate instruction adapted to these differences.Standard 10: Physical Education Teachers foster relationships with colleagues, parents/guardians and community agencies to support students’ growth and well-being.Performance Criteria:  Student will:3.1 Identify, select, and implement appropriate instruction that is sensitive to students’ strengths/weaknesses, multiple needs, learning styles, and prior experiences (e.g., cultural, personal, family, community).3.2 Use appropriate services and resources to meet diverse learning needs.10.1 Identify strategies to become an advocate in the school and community to promote a variety of physical activity opportunities10.2 Actively participate in the professional physical education community (e.g., local, state, district, national and within broader education field.(community adapted Physical Education programs offered within school districts and recreation programs.)10.4 Pursue productive relationships with parents/guardians and school colleagues, to support student growth and well-being. ( Continue working and building a rapport with the ECE(Exceptional Children Education Unit) within your school site or community government site.)Kentucky Teacher Standards (Initial-Level Performance)

Communicates concepts, processes, and knowledge.

Accurately and effectively communicates concepts, processes and/or knowledge and uses vocabulary that is clear, correct and appropriate for students.

Connects content to life experiences of student.

Effectively connects most content, procedures, and activities with relevant life experiences of students.

3.2 Establishes a positive learning environment.

Establishes clear standards of conduct, shows awareness of student behavior, and responds in ways that are both appropriate and respectful of students.

3.3 Values and supports student diversity and addresses individual needs.

Uses a variety of strategies and methods to supports student diversity by addressing individual needs.

3.5 Provides a safe environment for learning.

Creates a classroom environment that is both emotionally and physically safe for all students.

4.3 Uses time effectively.

Establishes efficient procedures for performing non-instructional tasks, handling materials and supplies, managing transitions, and organizing and monitoring group work so that there is minimal loss of instructional time.

5.2 Uses formative assessments.

Uses a variety of formative assessments to determine each student’s progress and guide instruction.

5.4 Describes, analyzes, and evaluates student performance data.

Describes, analyzes, and evaluates student performance data to determine progress of individuals and identify differences in progress among student groups

6.1 Uses available technology to design and plan instruction.

Uses technology to design and plan instruction.

7.2 Uses data to reflect on and evaluate instructional practice.

Reflects on and accurately evaluates instructional practice using appropriate data.

7.3 Uses data to reflect on and identify areas for professional growth.

Identifies areas for professional growth using appropriate data.

8.2 Designs a plan to enhance student learning that includes all parties in the collaborative effort.

Designs a plan to enhance student learning that includes all parties in the collaborative effort.

8.4 Analyzes data to evaluate the outcomes of collaborative efforts

Analyzes student learning data to evaluate the outcomes of collaboration and identify next steps.

10.3 Implements a plan for engaging in leadership activities.

Implements the approved leadership work plan that has a clear timeline of events/actions and a clear description of how impact will be assessed.

2008 National Initial Physical Education Teacher Education Standards


Describe and apply motor development theory and principles related to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness.


Implement effective demonstrations, explanations, and instructional cues and prompts to link physical activity concepts to appropriate learning experiences.


Select or create appropriate assessments that will measure student achievement of goals and objectives.


Demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the professional ethics of highly qualified teachers.


3.2 NASPE.INI.3.1 Student exceeded the minimum requirements for references for the research paper and was able to proficiently relate the reference information into the paper. Student research paper was able to correctly identify the use of several professional resources to enhance research project. Student used both internet research and professional journals.618= 10 resources with 4 journal entries418 = 6 resources with 2 journal entry Research paper did not meet the minimum requirement of references or the appropriate number of scholarly research articles. Student did not include references in the paper.

Element 2 NASPE.INI.3.2 NASPE.INI.3.3 Student research paper was exceptionally detailed and presented an in-depth discussion on the need for awareness of individual differences and various learning styles. Student is clear and concise on presenting the need for awareness of individual differences and various learning styles.The student is well organized and used multiple resources to identify services that meet diversity-learning needs for: advocating organizations, special disabilities or adapted sports in the community. Student is somewhat clear on awareness for understanding individual differences and learning styles.Student provides fewer than needed resources to identify services to advocate topics with diversity and collaboration. Student did not identify resources and strategies of becoming an advocate.Student did not identify a sanctioned organization that serves advocatesStudent did not identify a correct adapted sport.

Element 3 NASPE.INI.9 Research paper exceeded the minimum page requirements and presented information on the topic in a very detailed manner. Paper adhered to the minimum page requirement and was word processed according to the guidelines. Paper adhered to the minimum page requirement, but failed to include a reference page. Paper did not adhere to the minimum page requirement and did not include a reference page.

Element 4 Research paper thoroughly discusses the needed characteristics of diversity and collaboration concepts. The paper displayed substantial amounts of research, including scholarly journal articles. Research paper has all the needed characteristics of diversity and collaboration concepts.The paper shows solid research. The student consistently uses appropriate sentence and word structure throughout the research based paper. The student used most of the general diversity vocabulary correctly.The paper generally uses words and sentences appropriately. The paper is not well organized and uses personal experiences vs. valid resources to validate needed resources;The student does not provide the reader with any connections to understanding diversity and collaboration.