An internship is a vital part of any students’ life






An internship is a vital part of any students’ life. Different organizations offer short term internships where students can spend some time in a work setting to sharpen their skills and get the relevant experience depending on their field of study. Internships are usually voluntary, but they add a considerable boost to the students’ resume and improve their chances of getting a job. Students should take advantage of their vacations time from school or their gap years to immerse themselves in a workplace setting just to get a feel of what they can expect when they begin working fulltime after graduation. Some of the reasons why internships are important for students are that they offer networking opportunities, helps them develop and refine their skills, expose them to real-life situations, and help them get employed after graduation.

The first benefit of an internship for career growth is that it allows students to gain work experience and get exposure to real-life situations. Most students spend a lot of time in the classroom, and they get very few opportunities to get exposed to some real-life situations. Classroom learning is not the same, and internships allow students to translate their knowledge into practical situations. Learning in the classroom often involves fixed and controlled situations, but this is not the case in a work setting. Things keep changing unexpectedly, and students on internship get the chance to learn how to handle dynamic situations in a real-life setting (Binder et al. 75). Students also gain experience during their internship. Interns in a company could work in different departments, and they get to experience different situations. This translates into a valuable work experience that boosts their CV when they graduate from school.

Another reason why internships are vital for career growth is that they allow students to explore different career paths. While in college, students have a wide array of career paths ahead of them, and sometimes they feel conflicted about which path to choose. A career path choice is often a lifetime commitment, and this is why students should take their time to explore every option available to them carefully. An internship is the perfect opportunity to do this. A student can take on a number of internships in various companies and organizations to find where they feel most confident. Because internships are temporary, students can spend time in various places before making a decision on what career path they would wish to pursue. Without an internship, students may find themselves in positions they find difficult, and this will affect their careers.

Internships also offer a chance of employment to students. Many students usually get employed in organizations that they interned in before. The reason for this is that they already have experience in that setting. For this reason, students should always do their best to make a favorable impression during their internship. They must demonstrate a willingness to learn new things, work well with others, and follow instructions they are given. Students should give priority to places they interned in during their search for employment, as this gives them an edge over other applicants who do not have the same experience.

Internships give students a chance to network with professionals in their chosen career path, and this is an advantage to their career growth. Most students in college have never had a chance to interact with professionals, and an internship is a perfect opportunity to do this. Networking with professionals helps students build connections in their work area, and this will help them later after they graduate (Divine, et al. 49). These professionals will be mentors who can advise the students on available job opportunities, the best job options for them, challenges to expect in their field, and many other things. These professionals have a lot of experience; thus students can rely on their advice while making important decisions for their own careers.

Internships also help students to Gain confidence, as well as develop and refine their skills in the work environment. Students have spent years in school learning different skills, and internships give them an opportunity to put these skills to work (Knouse & Fontenot 64). Interns can then assess their skills and what areas they need to improve on. Some skills, such as working with others, are not taught in the classroom, and internships offer students the chance to develop such skills. This kind of working experience also gives students confidence in their abilities and performance. Because internships are learning opportunities, their supervisors and bosses take the time to teach the interns important things. On completion of their internships, students should feel more confident in their ability to handle various situations at the workplace.

To summarize, internships are a crucial part of one’s career path. Before a student or any other person can choose their career path, they should take an internship to develop their skills, network with professionals, and improve their employment chances. Internships help a person’s career growth tremendously. Not only do they add to the individual’s work experience, but they also offer a learning opportunity before one gets employed. All students should take up internships during their vacations or any other available time to hone their skills in real-life settings outside the classroom. Internships are a massive boost to a person’s career prospects.

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