An analysis involves evaluation

Infinity Chacon

Professor E. Apperson


November 26, 2019

Post 4.1

An analysis involves evaluation, critiquing, and interpreting certain events, situations, works of art, or anything in general. When conducting an analysis one dissects a particular subject into multiple components and then analyzes these in detail. Afterward, one synthesizes the information to extract main points and to formulate sound conclusions. A rhetorical analysis is also an analysis of sorts but it specifically involves analyzing how the several components of an argument work in harmony to move, persuade, or convince the intended audience. A rhetorical analysis can be conducted on different subjects such as speeches, films, works of art, architecture, songs, editorials, bumper stickers, advertisements, or even political cartoons. When conducting a rhetorical analysis, one is interested in focusing on elements of the arguments that stand out and argue what their purposes are? What they achieve? Who is making the argument? What is their intended audience for the argument? What are the techniques or appeals (logos, pathos, ethos, and Kairos) used?