America’s National Parks




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America’s National Parks

They are the most attractive as each place is unique. To some individuals, the national parks are where people with low spirits can go to gain their spirits back. To the society they are communal treasure that should be appreciated, they also serves as reminders of America principals, the nation’s aspirations, and sacrifices. Some section of the society sees the national parks and their wonders as a reflection of the American dream.

Even, though I have never visited any national park in America. The park I would love to visit is the Grand Canyon, to see the magnificent rocks. Natural landscapes mean a variety of things to me. One is they help me appreciate the powers of our creator, and the other it lets me appreciate the power of mother nature, some of the things that leaves people amazed are not the works of man’s hand, but they just happen.

Yosemite National Park

The park is found to the western slopes of Sierra Nevada was then inhabited by the Indians from the Ahwahneechee clan. Early in the year 1851, during the famous California gold rush. A group of young, armed white men were searching for the Indians, with the intention of chasing them away from their land. When the group called the Mariposa Battalion reached the narrow valley they were astonished! by the tall granite cliffs.

The beauty of the Yosemite is brought out by the words of the people who witnessed it. Among them, a doctor called Lafayette who stood transfixed admiring the view which must have been extraordinary beautiful. The number of people who flocked the place, after hearing about it shows it was very beautiful.

The wonders of Yosemite, are the Yosemite falls which are the longest in the continent of America. The Mariposa grove, 15 miles to the south Yosemite is home to the biggest known living thing, trees which are over 3000 years old.

As another group, was busy burning the homes deserted by the Indians, the group that got there first decided to call it Yosemite. Thinking that was the name of the Indians who lived there. The name meant “killers” Or the feared people. The most surprising thing is the land belonged to the Indians, and the whites who went there led by a man called, Mason Hutchings in the year 1855 were tourists. The size of the land put under the state was unusually big an estimated six square miles.

John Muir

John was a person with different personalities, depending on the perspective one looked at him from. He was a truly religious man as he believed that everything he turned to look he saw God’s work and felt his presence. He was a humble man. This can be seen when he agreed to work for Hutchings at the saw mill and will do all the jobs his boss told him to do. He was a teacher, this is brought by the fact that he would teach the others what he had learned. Muir offers a lot that can be applied in life. Working hard pays, no matter how miserable one’s background is self-determination can make one to succeed eventually. Muir proves he is a loyal citizen by opposing politicians whom he thought were not working for the good of the country. This is a character that can be applied in the contemporary world.