American Revolution

Causes of American Revolution

The causes of American revolution range from the proclamation of 1763, the Intolerable Acts, the Stamp Act, mercantilism, lack of representation in Parliament, and British economic policies following the French and Indian War. The Sugar Act of 1764, the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Acts of 1767 were a series of unpopular taxes enacted by the British government that were met with bitter protests in the American colonies. The Sugar Act was used to pay for part of the French and Indian war that took place between 1754-1763. The Stamp Act raised taxes on many colonists. After a long debate it was repealed, but not before colonists had rioted in protest. To punish colonists who had protested against royal authority, the British parliament then increased taxes on imports such as glass, lead, paint, paper and tea. Colonists strongly opposed this because their main trading partners were Britain’s enemies.

Links to experience

According to the law, it is legal for a stepfather to discipline their stepchildren even though they are not the legal parents. In this case, however, a stepfather is hurting the stepson with the harsh rules that he sets without considering the feelings of the child. When my stepfather tells me that stepchildren should be seen and not heard. It makes me feel like he thinks I am invisible because I am stepchildren. I feel that it is unfair for me to be treated like an invisible person because stepchildren can be seen. As a result, I get frustrated and am angry at my stepfather for believing that I am invisible. However, this makes me feel like I am not worth talking to, and it makes me feel very sad. If a person has a stepfather that does not love them or cares about them, this will make them feel neglected by their parents. When my stepfather criticized me for doing something wrong, it made me feel unhappy and hurt. I asked my stepfather to treat me like a family member instead of a stranger. I stopped wanting him to be mad at me because I did not know what I had done wrong.

Possible Solutions

To solve this problem, the mother should begin to make her children feel like they are part of the family instead of feeling like strangers in their own home. If the father used fewer harsh words that hurt the children and began to use more loving words such as little one, baby, or simply child, then their children will feel cared for by their parents and will not feel abused by them. The father should also begin to treat their children like family members instead of strangers by using loving words that are pleasing to the ears such as child, little one, and baby. If the father begins to show the children love instead of disrespect, then it could solve a lot of conflicts between his stepson and him because stepchildren will feel respected.

How It Affects My Life

Sometimes I feel that my stepfather does not love me because he does not talk to me unless he has something important for me. When I ask my stepfather what I can do to help him in his work, he says that there is nothing that I can do besides cleaning and doing household chores.

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