American marriage debate






Over the recent past, the world has had a great debate on same sex marriage. This has been regarded as a taboo by religion experts and those who follow religious doctrines. They base their arguments according to teachings from their religious books. On the other hand there are those who support these same sex marriages saying that everybody should do as they please. They argue that man is a rational being and should do whatever they consider good. Their support for these marriages is based on what others consider as bad is good to others so if certain groups of individuals consider same sex marriage as bad, to them its good and acceptable. Another group of people do not actually know where their allegiance lies. They argue that everybody should do what they consider right so long as they don’t disturb the normal operations of other people. The difference in opinion has only led to increased debate on this issue. This paper is going to look at the current debate in American law, policy, and society regarding same-sex marriage.

In America different states have different policies regarding marriage. There are nine states that support same sex marriages. These states have policies that accommodate people in these kind of marriages. The struggle to obtain marriage rights and benefits for same sex couples in the United States started in the 1970s but became prominent in 1993. The Defense of Marriage Act prohibits federal recognition of same sex marriages performed in other states. Issues on marriage laws are determined by individual states rather than by the federal government . The Defense of Marriage Acts cannot prevent individual states from defining marriage as they see best CITATION Deb022 l 1033 (Stone, Rules). The current American government opposed a constitutional ban o n same sex couples.

American politics has been filled with promises from politicians who seek to legalize same sex marriages in the states of their interests. This is mostly practiced in states with high populations who advocate for same sex marriage and this leaves us wondering whether recognition of these kinds of marriages is driven by the need to obtain power or the need to represent people who practice these marriages. The great debate going on in America is whether to adopt policies that support same marriages or draft policies that can be used in states that do not accommodate these marriages in order to protect the rights and freedoms of such people.

The dilemma brought about on whether to support same sex marriages has led to infringement of rights and unfair treatment of individuals in such unions. As such, there have been increased demonstrations by activists from either side of the society seeking recognition or abolishment of these marriages. It is said that the constitution aims at protecting the rights of every citizen but a lot of arguments have come up based on the following facts:

An American citizen who practices same sex marriage cannot extend U.S citizenship to a foreigner who practices the same. Citizens who are in heterosexual marriages can extend citizenship to other nationals and the question is asked, is the constitution fair in assigning privileges to individuals?

Same sex marriage partners incur taxes on health insurance benefits provided by employers as opposed to heterosexual couples thus its asked, are labor laws protecting all workers as they purport?

Heterosexual partners can inherit unlimited amounts of their deceased partners’ estate without paying estate taxes as opposed to same sex partners.

These facts have only fuelled to the already hot debate on fair distribution of justice and fair treatment of individuals CITATION Deb022 l 1033 (Stone, Rules). The above also show the economic obstacles faced by same sex married people as opposed to advantage held by heterosexual couples in America.

The American society has different opinions on same sex marriage. For us to get the best opinion we focus on the different groups in the society. The American community is composed of the majority youth and the older generation who are the minority. The youths often strive to associate with a certain form of relationship. Most of them indulge in same sex type of relationships while their parents and older generations support hetero sexual relations. This has created a rift in opinions as either party believes their way to be right.

The American society lives under pretence. Many people who fight against same sex relationships practice hetero sexual relations but are sometimes found to be same sex addicts in the cover of the night thus the society comes into a contradiction, should we preach water and take wine in private? These kinds of actions only lead to the increased debate of same sex marriages.

Stake holders who try to discourage these kind of marriages only show the negative sides of these unions. They don’t focus on reasons that lead to such actions and as such try to direct an already grown tree. What they ought to do is tackle the problem from an early level of a childs life guiding them on the advantages of hetero sexual relationships. This will provide a platform for all parties including those advocating for same sex unions to air their views on relationships. On the other hand activists for same sex marriages should show their support in a civilized way. Taking to the streets in a violent manner will not solve anything. It will only lead to an increased gap to the reach of a consensus thus no way forward will be on sight. The society should also stop labeling the other party depending on the kind of marriage one supports as inferior, unlawful or inhumane. Such descriptions further leads to a rift as every side seeks for supremacy CITATION Deb021 l 1033 (Stone, Equity).


The debate regarding same sex marriage is a contentious issue. All stakeholders involved should watch whatever information they pass along as this can lead to hatred between the parties in dispute. The American government should be in the fore front in this debate. This is because it has the duty of protecting every citizen without favor despite the difference in opinions. The debate however shows how marriage is evolving from the traditional heterosexual marriages to same sex marriages. This is viewed as an evolution in human being relationship as it shows the various tastes emerging among humans. The question that still lingers among men is, will the public embrace the different forms of marriages? Political figures should stop politicizing such issues as they form the basis of man kind existence. It’s a high time Americans realized that same sex marriages have only began and citizens should accommodate people in the different forms of marriage.


Stone, D. (2002). Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making. (2nd ed.). New York: W. W. Norton & Co.