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American Identity

American identity has always caused me many questions about why I feel so much inclined to protect my country and what it follows. Even though I do not fully accept and follow every step of the way, my state and other government arms deal with certain things, I still feel obligated to defend my country and its leadership. This is even in those cases whereby my personal beliefs conflict with what has been decided. For example, abortion is seen as a normal thing to do. My stand against this is negative, and I see abortion as an evil act. However, if I discuss this with a person from another country and this subject comes up about the different laws and rules about abortion, I will most certainly not bother to argue about this or I will support abortion if they insist.

This is a conflict and at the same time developing personal attitude towards different subjects and topics concerning my country. Therefore, herein I discuss my experiences in discussing issues that concern me as an American towards the rest of the world. I also discuss how the state of being American has helped me before to face a lot of problems and make sure that I was able to talk about others openly and confidently.

I have a friend from South Africa called john. John is a very cheerful person. However, he likes discussing what it means to be American and how it means to live in a first-world country. We were friends when I was around ten years, and I am proud to say that our friendship has lasted for a very long time. We studied together as his parents stayed in the United States at one point. After they went back to South Africa, we keep on communicating through social media and keeping in touch with one another. One of the issues we always discuss is why there are different classes of countries whereby America is regarded as a first-class country. At the same time, there is second class, and there is the third class, also referred to as the developing nations. This conversation is always heated as my friend tries to indicate that the best thing to do and look at the world should be through how humane and how kind a nation is and not how economically powerful they are. This suggestion, to some point, intrigued me.

Even though it is evident that being American gives me some privileges, I always thought of this suggestion of john as one which might be valid to some extent, and I gave it a view and thinking. John stated that “countries, where there is peace and there, are no poor people, where love and care are felt for each one and where a person does not want to be a capitalist but wants to live well as have enough for themselves is a country that should be referred to as the first-class country.” In response to this, I told him that society is a dissection of how we see it, and it is through how we manage our ways of belief and what we do to keep this that culminates towards this end. Therefore my faith has consistently held that society is a dissection of good and evil. Therefore, there can never be an entirely peaceful place, and thus his suggestion was out of business. He is very adamant, and his faith and belief this is the base, and the view from which the world population should be seen is a significant one.

Therefore even though john states that it is only this view that we should view the world, I still value my state of being American and how this view has shaped the world. In considering social stability and economic prowess, I choose economic prowess over being socially stable. This is because economic prowess is not readily achievable as it takes more effort and energy to work towards this through different stages of socialization and changes. The economic prowess should be balanced with social stability and other forms of social situations which make the society stable. Therefore I am American, and therefore, through this, I support the fact that American society has, to a considerable extent, worked towards the social stability of its citizens.

Consequently, I am proud of my American identity. I use what I use to talk to john and prove his point wrong that an economically stable country can be socially sound. However, even though this is not fully attainable, it is achievable to a large degree, which helps us understand what it means to be a first-world country.

In conclusion, therefore, a country needs to make sure that social stability and prowess are attained along with the other essential aspects of society and, in this case, more emphasis on economic stability. Therefore I continue to talk to john and convince him of my American identity as very important and how I will always support my country despite anything. Consequently, it is a discussion into how we can make sure that both economic stability and social stability can be balanced.


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