American Heroes

American Heroes

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American Heroes

I consider Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and George Washington as my heroes. It is for the reason that they inspire me a lot that is why I consider them. Some of the well-known American heroes include John Adams, Clara Barton, Henry Clay, Benjamin Franklin, and Billy Graham. The superheroes are generally good guys because they usually are on our sides. They are usually amazing, inspiring, and strong individuals who use their capabilities to do good things for the universe (Peabody & Jenkins, 2017). They are suitable because they tend to inspire us and help us build our personality traits, grow particular talents and skills, and help us in general development. 

These individuals have been valorized in the United States because they came to the fore and acted to expand their rights. They also alleviated rectify injustice, misery and promote freedom. They embody characteristics that we admire and aspire (Peabody & Jenkins, 2017). The superheroes make us reflect on the best versions of ourselves in a way that has impacted our nation with long-lasting cultural implications. 

The facts about these individuals are not changing. The fact remains that they have been of great importance to society and will forever be considered American Heroes. Generalized other perspective signifies the collection of roles and attitudes that individuals use as a reference point for figuring out how to behave in a given situation. In reference to the American heroes, it is common to think that individuals have common expectations about thoughts and actions within a particular society. Identity scripts are guidelines for living that define our roles and the way we play. We depend on social perspectives to guide us in how we think and define ourselves and to guide. 


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