America Probation and Parole Association

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America Probation and Parole Association 08/11/2020

The America Probation and Parole Association provides an insight into the community participation in correcting offenders and integrating them back into the community. The initial impression that a visitor finds on the website is incredible. Attractive graphic working with easy to understand information. The imagery styles and color palettes are impressive. When one visits the website, you can easily identify the goal and purpose of the website. It is easy to understand what the association does by looking at the website, and this makes it easy for anyone looking for information from the site to locate.

The overview of the site’s contents is equally impressive. One of the notable contents that one finds on the website is what the association is all about. The section that details what the association is all about is well articulated more understandably and is easy to navigate. This section introduces what the association does and the community bodies that they are collaborating with to correct offenders. The site also provides a link where the community members can join the association and give their contribution. Another notable overview that is evident when one visits the site is professional development. The people who join the association are trained to handle offenders’ best practices and integrate them back into the community. The site also provides career opportunities for the people who would like to join the association and impact society.

It is very easy to locate information from the website. The content provided has links that one can easily access by just a click. When one clicks the website’s content, they are redirected to the site where they can get valuable information. The site has interesting graphics that attract the attention of whoever visits the site. It has eye-catchy graphics that explain what the association does in the community. When one visits the site, they can understand what the association does by looking at the graphics. There are several links to other websites. These are links that can guide one to other websites that provide the same services to community members. The links also guide the website visitors to institutions that deal with probation and parole services in the community.

The information provided on the website is valuable to the course because it enables one to access materials and get a perspective on how websites that deal with probation and parole services are structured. This is critical, especially for the people who want to provide community services, especially for future petty offenders. The reason why I chose the website is that it deals with a wide range of activities that are geared towards providing services to the members of the community. Most websites normally advocate for offenders’ welfare but do little to train the people who offer services to offenders. This website is important because it also provides opportunities for other people to join and provide services to the offenders.

National Institute of Corrections 08/11/2020

The National Institute of Correction has created a website with a lot of information, and the first insight of the website is impressive. However, the graphic design is not as good as one would expect of an institute controlled by the national government. The color palette is not impressive, and there is very little imagery on the site. Although the information provided is detailed and provides critical insights, the website’s impression may not be very attractive to a person visiting the website for the first time. The overview content of the site is impressive and detailed. It contains all the necessary information to understand the services that the body offers to correct offenders and integrate them into society. The site has links that guide the visitors on where to locate important information, including accessing the training materials for the people who want to be part of those offering correctional services. The site also has projects that the National Institute of Correction is undertaking. One can easily follow up on what the institute is doing for the community members.

It is easy to navigate the site since the links to important parts of the website are provided. One can easily access the site by clicking on the links provided. The site graphics are poorly done and do not inspire, especially for people who get attracted to websites by good graphics. It is critical to note that although the website does not have good graphics, it has important information relating to probation and parole services in the community. The website has three links where people can access resources they may require on the site. The website also has printer-friendly version links where people can access and print information. The website offers important information that is necessary for the course. This is because it is critical to understand how websites dealing with vital information on probation and parole are designed. I chose to critique this website because it is associated with a critical institution that offers training services to the people who help offenders integrate into society. Such a website must be designed to guide the people who visit the site and help them get all the necessary information.