Amazon Fresh Taking Over Other Grocery Stores

Amazon Fresh Taking Over Other Grocery Stores

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Amazon Fresh Taking Over Other Grocery Stores

Amazon has had a lot of success in most of its endeavors from the time it started selling books until now when they are introducing amazon fresh. This new sector of amazon is estimated to be successful since from the reviews like Dunnhumby’s Retail Preference Index (RPI), it is at the top of the best grocery providers and this puts the other stores and suppliers at risk. This is a very difficult situation for the people who had existed before in the grocery field. Even though amazon fresh is unable to take them out completely it is possible that it will make them lose a lot of customers with their plan of opening 28 branches across the nation. This paper discusses the possibility of amazon being successful in the grocery industry as well as approximation of its online and offline share of the market in the next 10 years.

There is a very high possibility that amazon will be successful in this field of grocery since it has been successful in general merchandise and books and almost in every other field which they have been engaged into. Amazon has the advantage of capital as well as technology which makes it safe for customers to purchase their products and this is an added advantage which other sellers in the sector may not have the ability to gain as soon as possible (Backman, 2021). Therefore, with the technology like Alexa, it becomes very easier for customers to purchase products in the stores. For instance, when a customer goes into the store Alexa offers guidance on the best way to shop as well as the location of the different types of foods and fresh products within the store. Through this customer shop faster and save time instead of going around looking for what they want which happen in most of the groceries.

The other good thing about using amazon fresh stores is that they have labelled and easily to pay goods. For instance, all products in the store can be paid for in a cashless manner. This makes it very easy for the customers and in fact most customers would enjoy contactless transactions during the corona period or even for the sake of cleanliness and ease to avoid such things like germs or even corona.

The other reason why amazon fresh is likely to be successful is the fact that even the grocery can be delivered to the customers at their doors for a maximum of 2 hours of waiting. This means that if a person is willing to have some groceries in their food for supper they just need to order in time and the products are delivered to their doorstep (Abasto, 2021). This is a great move and one of the smartest ways that amazon will likely get most if not all customers near the vicinity of the stores to buy from them. Grocery has not always been delivered but with amazon things are changing and people love easy things therefore it will be easy to pass the other stores in this area.

The last thing which makes amazon a very great store for customers to buy their products from is the fact that they have a wide variety of products. For instance, they have high quality produce, sea food and meat. They also have packed foods which are high quality and fresh as well as cooked and packed foods (Abasto, 2021). This beats the other stores almost at every corner and therefore the reason why they are likely to dominate the market in the next 10 years.

In conclusion, amazon fresh is a very good part of grocery shopping. Eve though it is likely to put other stores out of the market the customers will be satisfied and it will be a good step for grocery shopping.


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