Alternative Energy Sources





Alternative Energy Sources

Pursuing alternative energy supplies is advisable for the auspicious economy. A common alternative energy supplies include; geothermal power, hydroelectric power, nuclear energy, solar power, water power and wind power. These energy supplies provide alternatives to fossil fuel that is scientifically proven environmentally disastrous. In particular, nuclear energy provides better and reliable services, which are renewable, compared to fossil fuels. This report provides a critical analysis on the nature of alternative energy supplies. The report will as well compare fossil fuel against alternative energy sources named earlier.

Recently, there have been constant debates on the eligibility of fossil fuel. Rahman (83) argues that, fossil fuels have been applied to provide energy solutions to 97 percent of vehicles, trains, airplanes and ships. In some countries, fossil fuels have been used to generate electricity for industries and home consumptions. Although fossil fuels have been reliable because of its portability than other energy supplies, it should be noted that the fuels have primarily been responsible for causing damage to the ozone layer and altering the weather pattern.

For this reason, alternative energy supplies named above provide clean, reliable and renewable energy supplies. Another added advantage with these sources of energy is that there is greater sustainability compared to fossil fuels. These energy supplies require minimal input, and they are arguably conservative. Fossil fuels are not renewable or rather their renewability takes much time. Alternatively, these energy sources provide conservation of the real energy and the total costs involved in the production. Further to this, these energy sources are generated in a concentrated environment (Szklo, 2514). In other words, small inputs are required to produce large outputs. Again, small volumes of experience in waste production as compared to fossil fuel. Waste from fossil fuels is environmentally unfriendly if not well maintained. In addition, investing in these sources of energy is relatively cheaper than fossil fuels.

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