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Extra Credit Question Instructions

Extra Credit Question InstructionsAll Extra Credit Question Essays must be submitted on Tuesday, Nov. 29th (that is the only day submissions will be accepted).  Your essay must be submitted Tuesday between 12:00 noon and 9:00 PM. In each of the seven groups you will see a new folder at the top of  your group forum space entitled “Extra Credit Essay submission,” and that is where you will submit your Extra Credit Essays by 9:00 PM Tuesday November 29th.  (Remember this is NOT required, this is totally voluntary). Your essay if submitted must conform to the guidelines given as to required formatting and required content (i.e., you must provide answers and/or serious discussion to the first 3 of the 5 items in the Extra Credit Forum Essay Instructions, and the best essays will also deal with at least one of the other 2 as well.

Please note that your Extra Credit Essay must deal with both these 3 short clips from Dr. David Martin on the Plandemic Two video (Source 1, listed in the following forum with the Extra Credit Question itself):)

Plandemic Clip 03: Patents on the Coronavirus beginning in 1999.  7 minutes, 14 seconds

Plandemic Clip 04: Where did the Coronavirus originate and how has the media spread it.  3 minutes, 39 seconds

Plandemic Clip 012:  Who is Bill Gates and what eruption has he caused?  6 minutes, 04 seconds

and have at least two citations, discussed with page number(s) [not from the same page] from Chapter 1 “Mismanaging a Pandemic,” in Robert F. Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci (Source 2). I am not giving any hard and fast rules for this, but your essay must treat both of them in some depth to get credit; even if your essay is in great depth on Robert Kennedy’s chapter, you must also include some specific discussion and insight from the three Dr. David Martin, Pandemic Two video clips listed, and same in reverse There are some other sources listed, treatment of them is completely optional but it is well worth taking a quick look at them, for your own health.


Formatting Requirements for the Extra Credit Essay Question


Here are the formatting requirements for your Essay. Points 1. through 3. are required, Points 4. and 5. are suggested but not required – if these requirements are met, submission of an essay in this forum will earn you eight extra credit points:

All  paragraphs MUST be at least EIGHT sentences each in length (can be longer, can have additional paragraphs; this length is minimum and quite acceptable requirement. There must be at least one blank and empty line between paragraphs, and font Arial size 18 is required. (Formatting rules from course website.) With three paragraphs meeting all of these standards, you will earn 6 Extra Credit Points. With four or more paragraphs meeting all the standards, you will earn 8 Extra Credit Points

You must list and discuss two or more  specific points you learned from the video clip (Dr. David Martin) and from the reading (Robert F. Kennedy Jr., here citations with page number are required)  that are relevant to the present health crisis around the COVID-19 virus, and then discuss each in enough depth that it is clear to me you have really listened and thought about them.

 What specific institutions and power structures might be threatened by the information presented in this video or reading?

What are your views on the censorship of this and other health-related questions? Is the First Amendment relevant in this connection?

Can you connect the work you discuss, and any of these points in the preceding (2.) or (3.) to themes or readings in our course?