Alien Influence in Ancient Past


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Alien Influence in Ancient Past

People believe that the aliens were present in the ancient past and that they significantly contributed to the architectural designs of ancient structures. Various arguments have been set forth claiming that aliens must have had a hand in the ancient days helping the people by then. The Sacsayhuaman is an ancient t fortress that is build up with enormous stones that no normal human being can ever lift. The rocks are large and are piled up to make a colossal structure. No average human being can be able to raise one of the stones even if they join to make a considerable effort and therefore, aliens have been attributed to having a hand. The Nasca lines is another evidence that the aliens had influence in the ancient past. More than 800 long straight lines are drawn in the Peruvian desert, joined with 300 geometric shapes and 70 figures of animals that include a spider, monkey and a hummingbird. No human could have drawn such lines, and therefore aliens have the upper hand.

The Egyptian pyramids is another example that has triggered arguments of alien influence in their construction. The pyramids are tall and build of massive stones that a normal human being cannot lift. Aliens are said to have aided in the construction of the pyramids as the stones are too heavy to be raised by a human being leave alone arranging them to form a pyramid. Easter Islands is another evidence that makes an argument that the aliens had influence in the making of the large fleet of stone figures. More than 900 figures are distributed along the island being 13 feet tall and weighing more than 14 tons and to which appear to have been curved from a soft volcanic tuff. According to the size and weight of the figures, the then human beings could not make such sculptures, and therefore aliens might have given a hand. Of all the structures that are said to have been influenced by the aliens, a common characteristic is that they are huge, of massive weight, much taller and used natural materials to build and make the sculptures.

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