Albertsons and Safeway





“Albertsons and Safeway”

The merger between these two companies offers them an opportunity to offer more excellent services to their customers. This is because they will have the opportunity to adapt more quickly to the evolving practices in shopping preferences. The preferences happen in terms of regions, across the country as well as the age brackets that the companies target. There is also a strength that a merger will bring together two strong entities that are endowed with great and talented management and workforce teams. In the case of Safeway, the management has for a long time ensure that the team has been positioned in a strategic rating so as to come up with flourishing business success. This has been demonstrated in the manner in which the company has invested in stores as well as creating marketing programs that are innovative and capable of contributing towards the shareholder value.Additionally:

The merger will allow the two companies to create cost savings that will in turn create or translate into price reductions for their customers.

Their conjunction will enable them quickly to local needs and also ensure that they manage to deliver outstanding products to their customers at the lowest prices possible. This will be done in a more efficient manner than before.

The shareholders of the two companies will be assured of higher share capital in the future.

There will also be the assurance that the companies will encounter fewer losses due to the fact that they will share all their losses and also the risks of embarking on new business ideas.

In conclusion, the coming together can be wrapped up with the statement that the companies will be better off united.

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