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City of Ruston- 4th October Meeting Discussion

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Agenda Discussion of Meeting between the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen of the City of Ruston, Louisiana.

On October 4th, 2021, a meeting took place between the Mayor and the Board of Alderman of the City of Ruston in the city hall council chambers at 5:30 pm. Attending the meeting was an exciting and heartwarming experience for me as it exposed me to how the city officials handle policy matters. In my viewpoint, the meeting took place as planned, and the items on the agenda list were highlighted and decided. For instance, Ruston’s Mayor and the board of alderman agreed to introduce an additional tax sale of 1.75% in the power and water economic district of the city of Ruston. In my opinion, the move was important and called for. I feel that it is likely to impact the daily lives of the taxpayers. The additional 1.75% tax is an equivalent of hundreds of dollars, and taxpayers will feel the impact. This means that they will have to deal with increased tax in water and electricity utility bill. I do not have a problem if the officials decide to increase tax however, I feel that it is important that they put the funds to good use. If taxpayers have to pay extra in electricity and water bill, they should make an effort to ensure that all parts of Ruston city access clean and unlimited water at all times. Further, as regards power, the city should make a deliberate effort to improve street lighting to boost the security of the residents. In so doing, they will be putting the taxpayers’ money to good use.

Additionally, the officials reached an agreement concerning improving the airport. The city of Ruston agreed with the Louisiana Department of Transport and Development to improve Ruston Regional Airport. I support the move because I am sure it will benefit the residents of Ruston city. Without a doubt, Ruston airport is a major source of revenue for the State. It generates lots of income because it is the major airport within the State of Louisiana. By making changes to the airport and improving it, the city will be improving the airport’s customer experience and by extension, making a good name for it. Removing obstructions at the airport will open up the airport for use by many tourists who otherwise would not have considered using the airport for travel. In essence, I completely support the move to improve the airport because it will open up opportunities for users and residents.

Worth noting, as part of the meeting, it emerged that there was a code enforcement scheduled in regards to substandard buildings in Ruston city. According to the status report provided by the building official, there was a proposal to end the poorly constructed buildings. I support the enforcement of this code entirely. I realize that substandard buildings pose a threat to the lives of residents of Louisiana. Such structures should not exist at all because they can collapse at any time. Such a thing would be disastrous as it could cause immense damages. It can lead to loss of life, destruction of poverty, and peace destruction. If enforcing the code will help save lives, then executing it is a no-brainer. I can imagine how the owners of the building must feel at this move, but the truth is, the welfare of the people should take center stage and be put before everything else. One thing that comes to mind is the owners’ loss if the buildings are demolished. I recognize that bringing up even a one-storey building is not easy. A lot of effort and resources went into the development of the building. However, at the end of the day, the greater good supersedes personal interest. I am in total support of the officials’ move to bring down the substandard structures located on 902 Jones.