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Client’s Initials or Pseudonym: D.D

Interview Date:21/12/2021 Process Recording Date: 21/12/2021

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Intern Client BSSW Intern Assessments of how the Client may be feeling, including evidence BSSW Intern Feelings/Thoughts Identify the social work value and social work ethical responsibility that you are practising in the exchange

*Make sure to cite the source used in the text and as a reference citation at the end of the process recording Field Agency Instructor Feedback

D.D Signs of infection as evidenced by temperatures of 38.8The probability that the client’s spleen is damaged Service value

Attending to the clients by taking his vital signs i.e. temperatures, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration rate. Sending the client for further investigations i.e. lab works to check the levels of white blood cells and rule out infection.

Competence value

Explaining to the client every detail of what might be the cause of infection which can be due to damage of spleen. Spleen filters and stores also manufactures white blood cells that protect a person from infection. Damage to the spleen makes a person susceptible to infections.

Ethical responsibility

Assessing the client for signs of infection. e.g. fevers

Planning and identifying solutions on how to reduce the temperatures. following up lab works to initiate medication early enough

Administer prescribed antibiotics to clear the infection.

Educate the client on preventive measures of infections for example eating a balanced diet, avoiding crowded areas to prevent communicable diseases like tuberculosis, washing hands regularly, and generally maintaining hygiene. Follow up on the client to ensure they are abiding by the preventive measures *APA Citation needed at the end of the document.