After School

After SchoolEducation is said to be the pillar of the society and I could not agree more, while the deadline for assignments, classes, and test almost drive me crazy I look forward to completing my education so that I can give back to the society. Since I was a little boy I developed a keen interest in reading books and the need to accomplish something bigger than myself, while most of my teen years have been much about discovering who I am, my interest in what I tend to achieve when I am done with the school is clear. I was always drawn to working with children hence my interest in pursuing education for the middle grades, I want to be a part of molding the tomorrow generation and ensure they can be able to withstand most tribulation if not all and come out stronger. I also hope to use my education to tutor children who might find it difficult to learn as the teacher is in class to ensure none of the students is left behind.

Through my college education, I have been a member of various communities where I have been both a leader and a representative and I intend to use the knowledge to ensure am not only a role model to the rest of the children in my society but that I can be able to share my leadership experience with the rest. Additionally, in these communities we have been taught to always be accepting of others hence I intend to use this to ensure that those children who feel as if they do not belong get the support they need and not stigma. Lastly, as a person, I have always felt that we have not done enough in the mental health arena and I intend to use my knowledge to offer support to people who might need it and advocate for its awareness to ensure all get the help they need while abolishing the stigma that is associated with the condition.