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After examining Caroline’s leadership skills, I realize that although she possesses the critical leadership skills necessary for running her business, she is also struggling in certain aspects. I would describe her as a coach and servant leader who is non-visionary. Some of her strongest leadership skills are being motivational and taking responsibility while the weak skills include communication, delegation, lack of positivity, lack of trust, and poor creativity. Caroline possesses good motivational skills because she shares a good working relationship with members of her staff and continuously praises their efforts and dedication. Caroline takes responsibility in the day-to-day running of her business including even handling payrolls. She is not an absentee owner. On the other hand, she is poor at delegating because she spends a lot of time on accounting tasks instead of hiring an expert to do the work for her. She does not trust people to do things for her and he prefers doing some tasks by himself. Additionally, she lacks creativity because she has not been able to develop and install systems that make the drivers work efficiently. In this day and age, the company still schedules delivery manually rather than using computerized systems that drastically reduce chances of error. She lacks positivity because she is not open to the possibility of expanding her business.

Without a doubt, Sweet Caroline Bakery emerged out of nowhere and Caroline has everything to do with it. Caroline is a diligent worker who knew to seize the opportunity when it presented itself. She started small. She would bake cupcakes for teachers at a nearby elementary school. Caroline was a very good baker and she had perfected the skill of baking. So it was easy for her to get referrals because her cupcakes were top-notch. When the opportunity to open a store presented itself, she did not hesitate in setting up her first shop and exposing her services to include outside catering.

Yes, I have ever worked at an institution that was very successful but disorganized and chaotic. I handled it by planning myself and having a schedule that I would strictly adhere to. The systems in place were not effective and as a result, it was easy for me to show up for work only to go back home without achieving anything. Upon arriving to work, I would note down my to-do list for the day, to ensure that I only handle the most important and urgent tasks ahead of me. I would tick off the list at the end of the day and if there was anything pending, I would start by handling it as the first task on the following day.

If I were Caroline’s consultant, I would highly recommend that she opens a second location. This is because such an opportunity would be life-changing for her. It was an opportunity to expand her limits and make even more money. She should seize the opportunity because an opportunity like might not come again. However, she would have to make some changes to help her manage her business better. She should work on her delegation skills, communication, and creativity. To reduce chaos, she must go the digital way of scheduling orders as it is more efficient. She should also hire an accounting expert to handle her accounts and do payroll as this will leave her with ample time to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business. She must also learn to communicate with her employees better to ensure they are aware of their next shifts.