After Dinner Speech

After Dinner Speech

After dinner speech given in a night party after graduating from college

Ladies and gentlemen, it feels good to get to the end of a long journey. Before saying much, allow me to appreciate your attendance to our occasion this day. I feel humbled to note how you all up to come and witness the completion of my college degree. It is a great honor.

First, I would like to pass my sincere vote of thanks to all of you for making time for this event. I could not have celebrated if I did it alone. Secondly, let me propose a vote of thanks to the University for providing such an agreeable space for this occasion and lastly to my colleagues for accepting to organize and grace this occasion and being such excellent hosts. The college has given us the opportunity to meet our dreams through education. I am sure the best conditions for organizing such a great event in such an efficient manner would be a bit wanting too many of you. There are very superb lecture halls with carpeted floors and padded seats and various projection facilities just to name a few. I also would like to thank my lovely parents for playing a big role in my education life. I must admit they have stood by me all through.

Lastly, let me thank all contributors to this program, which has emerged to be one of exceptional interest, quality, and range. The only problem was that one had to make a valid ongoing choice between a number of lectures of equal potential interest and appeal. This is a sign of vitality in the Theoretical Mechanism, in this nation. This year’s program was bursting at the seams with very exciting new contributors and another spillover into a fourth parallel session of an inevitable, welcome, consequence of this vitality.

My course tutor was one of my favorite professors that I will live to remember. He always emphasized on noting important points from every number of items learnt. He taught me the skill of identifying important things and leaving the others. He always told us to employ the skills even in the real world. Whenever he brought a topic for discussion, they used diverse colors to emphasize where main points are. The objective here was to convince the audience that all the statements given are of critical importance. Use of multiple colors also showed the lapse of concentration on the main ideas. If one did not identify these points while answering questions, a student would end up being answerable and sometimes penalized.

I have to award the prize of my lecturer of the year who emerges to be our Philosophy teacher. His class was always the best and the most entertaining. He was transparent and taught with all vigor his soul could afford. He even sometimes used cartoons that left his students with smiling faces after the end of each presentation. The price is a refill of his exemplary teaching skills and his friendly nature to students.

I must admit it has been a long journey walking through many hurdles and hardships. All you efforts are really appreciated. Every one of you has played his/her role to the success we are celebrating today. I could not have made it alone just as they say, “no man stands alone.” There was a time in my journey when I almost gave up. This was when I lost my course tutor who was also my educational mentor. It was a big blow to me since he was the person I trusted during my life in campus. However, my dad realized and saved me from the situation. Thus, I cannot fail to pass my thanks to my dad in his absentia for his support and accrediting his confidence in my ability.

Now I would like to award unique gifts to a number of people who have played a significant role in my success. My first award goes to my academic sponsor, Mrs. Katrina Palma. She has shown the way the way to a bright future that is through the power of education. She sacrifices her money for my education without counting many sleepless nights she spent thinking about my education. I really celebrate you, my mum.

The first award goes to my parents for their good job. I lack words to express what they have been to me. They have always been there for me in all circumstances since I started my course in this college. I cannot recall a single day when they forsake nor left me. I did not sleep with an empty stomach only because they were quite mindful about me. They continually motivated me and I can stand firm to say that mum and dad are my heroes. I really applaud you for being persistence in your love to me.

Prize number three goes to Peterson, my best friend. He proved validity of the saying that goes “A friend in indeed is a friend in need.” He has made many sacrifices not only to me but also to many of my friends in times of crisis. He once donated blood for me after I was involved in a fatal car accident and paid part of my hospital bills. Your deeds cannot go unremembered.

Now I will not award any more prizes, but I am made to understand that you can buy your own prizes near the bar downstairs. So, perhaps I should try to resist the temptation of giving each one of you a prize at the moment. Anyway, I appreciate each one of you.

Now allow me to once again thank you all for coming. Your efforts and time are not vain. I will always value and live to remember you. For those who could not make it to come, may you pass my vote of thanks to them. The after-graduation party will go on till late in the morning and you may leave at your own pleasure.


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