African Americans in the American Revolution





African Americans in the American Revolution

The American Revolution was informed by the American’s people beliefs on several issues. Some off the issues include freedom to own property, the right to be represented by their own people; dissatisfaction with taxes imposes on them and the practice of slavery. They believed that every man should be free which can be viewed to be ironic since slavery was a widespread practice especially in the south. African Americans played a significant role in the revolution. The men fought in the battle as soldiers while the women performed other duties at home and also in the battlefield.

The biggest role that African American splayed was their part as soldiers in the war against the British. The African American slaves had been promised freedom as a reward for their participation I fighting for either side. The blacks fought for both the American and British sides with many escaping their American masters as the British had promised then freedom and bounties as a reward for fighting for them. This is an important role since without the African Americans; the Americans would not have been able to win the war.

African American women were left at home to take care of the families while the men fought in the war. They played a role in keeping their families together and taking care of the children. The third role that African Americans played during the American Revolution was the women’s role as nurses, cooks and seamstresses for the soldiers who were in the war. The women took care of the wounded as nurses as doctors and surgeons were mainly men. They also prepared food and mended clothes. These roles were important because the soldiers needed a lot of support while they were at war and women’s skills as housekeepers came in handy. African Americans role in the Revolution was vital.