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Australia, GDP, Economic welfare, progress, wellbeing indicators

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Assess the importance of GDP in measuring Australia’s economic wellbeing

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Joseph E. Stiglitz. (2020,August 1). GDP Is the Wrong Tool for Measuring What Matters. Online publication/news article 20.08.2021



The article takes a negative tone on the use of GDP as a measure of public welfare and goes ahead to dissect the reasons why its use should be stopped or improved to include other indicators beyond market activities.


A very useful source in understand what GDP is and how it is used as a measure of economic and societal welfare all over the world.

The article is also very relevant to the study questions as it highlights the use of GDP and provides an insight into why it should be improved or supplemented to ensure that total welfare of a society is well captured.

Full APA reference Source type Date accessed

Aitken, A. (2019). Measuring welfare beyond GDP. National Institute economic review, 249, R3-R16. Article 20.08.2021



The article provides a very detailed review of GDP as a measure of economic welfare, asserting how it is misused in that regard. It sheds light on the proper use of GDP and why it should not be used without the inclusion of other critical indicators that reflect overall progress of a society.


The style used to present the article is very difficult to follow. However, the explanation and discussions are very rich and informative. The content is relevant and up to date and will be critical in providing a starting point to answer the research question.